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Home insurance comes in different levels. We can arrange cover for the building itself, its contents, and any personal belongings you have.  

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Home Insurance covers building, contents and personal belongings.

- Building includes apartments as well as villas.
- Contents include assets like Furniture, TV, Washing Machine, etc. Those assets that are inside the house are only covered.
- Personal Belongings include items such as mobile phones, laptops, Jewellery, cameras, etc. Personal belongings are covered wherever the insured takes them throughout the world.

Home insurance does not cover the following:
1. Mysterious disappearance: Home insurance does not cover anything that you claim as "lost.". There must be proof supporting the claim. For example, if you make a claim that you have lost your mobile phone, your claim will not be entertained. There must be proof supporting the claim.

If you claim that one of your personal belongings has been stolen, you have to provide a police report supporting the claim.

2. Home insurance does not cover damages to an apartment or a villa if it remained unoccupied for 60 consecutive days or a longer period.

3. If there is any damage to your apartment / Villa, contents or personal belongings and if the damage has been caused by anyone who enters your home with your consent or the consent of your household, your home insurance will not cover the damages.

4. War / Strike / Civil commotion: Any damage caused due to Riots, Civil Commotion, Strikes, or Labor or Political Disturbances will not be covered.

5. Single Article Limit:

Home insurance companies have a single-article-limit clause in respect of contents and personal belongings. The single article limit pertaining to contents is AED 40,000 and that of personal belongings is AED 10,000. You should list all those contents and personal belongings costing more than the single article limits. If the insured fails to list them, the insurance company will not cover them. The total value of the listed items of contents/personal belongings should not be more than 80% of the sum insured.

Example: If you have insured your contents for AED 200,000 and Personal Belongings for AED 100,000, the contents you list should not exceed 80% of AED 200,000. Likewise, the personal belongings you list should not go beyond 80% of AED 100,000.

What to check in home insurance - how do policies differ?

There are a few major differences in home insurance policies. Therefore, you should check the following points before purchasing the policy.

1. Deductibles i.e. excess
2. Property Owner's Liability towards public
3. Tenant's Liability
4. Occupier's personal liability

A few definitions:
- Building is a term used for an Apartment / Villa. - Contents are assets like Furniture, TV, Washing Machine, etc. Contents are covered only if they are inside the house. Also known as “immovables”. - Personal Belongings are items like mobile phones, laptops, Jewellery, cameras, etc. Personal belongings are covered even if you take them wherever you go throughout the world. Also known as “movables”.

While seeking a quote from an insurance company, you must furnish a few details.

If you are an owner:
1. You can insure your building i.e. Apartment / Villa, Contents and Personal Belongings. You can opt for insuring only the building and the contents therein. You can opt to insure the building alone or the contents only.

If you are a tenant:
1. You can decide to insure the contents and your personal belongings.
2. You can opt for insuring the contents only.

Note: Building cover can be taken only by a landlord / Owner of the apartment.

Building cost (Villa / Apartment):
While seeking a quote, you should furnish the re-building cost of the building because if a property is completely lost, the insurance company will reimburse only the rebuilding cost. Rebuilding cost is always lower than the purchase price or market value of the property. So, there is a distinct advantage in having a quote based on the rebuilding cost. The advantage is you will have to pay a lesser premium.

Value of the contents:
You have to furnish the details of the total costs of all the contents like Furniture, TV, Washing Machine, etc. in your house. Even if you do not have the exact costs, you can give an approximate value of all the contents in your house.

Personal belongings:
You need to provide the value of all your personal belongings like mobile phones, laptops, Jewellery, cameras, etc. Personal belongings are covered even if you take them with you wherever you go throughout the world. Again, it is enough if you furnish an approximate value if you do not know the exact costs.

*Note: Insurance companies do not cover select items. You should therefore opt for covering all the contents and personal belongings in your Apartment / Villa.

How to roughly calculate the cost of Home Insurance?

You can calculate your premium on the following basis.

Building: 0.05% of the Sum Insured Contents: 0.3% - 0.5% of the Sum Insured Personal Belongings: 1.2% – 1.4% of the Sum Insured

Insurance Market works with top-rated multinational and local insurance company brands that operate in the UAE to bring you secure protection for your home at competitive prices. Some of these companies are AXA, RSA, AIG and Oman.

Information and Documents required for Claims Processing of Home Insurance:
If there is a claim, we will send you a claim form so you can initiate the claims process. Depending upon your claim, you will then be asked to furnish other necessary documents. You can rest assured that your dedicated claims manager from AFIA/Alfred’s Insurance Market will take care of the rest of the claim process.

We have years of business relationship with our insurance partners and hence, insurance companies accord top priority to the claims that emanate from our end. So, you can be certain that your claims will be settled more quickly than those claims that are independently submitted through other sources. This is the key benefit of insuring with Alfred’s Insurance Market.

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