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The below is one of the internal documents which we use to train our new personal shoppers. We have decided to share this on insurancemarket.ae and AFIA (AFIA is the parent company that owns and runs insurancemarket.ae) as it doesn't hurt to tell you what we believe we must be doing all the time!

Principles of Service at insurancemarket.ae and AFIA

We are here because we provide outstanding valued client service and this is something that we must ensure is always rendered pro-actively. Additionally, as important as doing your work well is reporting your work well in line with the AFIA's systems, processes and management expectations. Please make sure the below best practices are always being exercised:

1. Promptness: While promptness is only one of the service factors for us and there are many other things we do in order to delight our valued clients - quality advice, claims mediation, good presentation and packaging, good quality emails etc., most valued clients would judge the quality of your service based on how prompt you are. The faster you reply to their emails, the faster you return their calls, the faster you send them their certificate - the better is the service being delivered by you. Of course, the given here is that there should not be any compromise on the quality of your work with a view to being more prompt.

2. Be truly independent and unbiased. Sometimes, you may feel like pushing a particular product because of ease in administration or any other reason. However, you must never appear to be pushing one product or insurance company over another as the valued client may think that you or the company may have a vested interest in doing so (eg. you may be getting a higher commission). Moreover, you must never bad-mouth any insurance company - whether we work with them or not - we must show that we respect all the companies in our market as this is the professional way to behave.

3. Prioritisation:80% of the results come from 20% of the work - the rest is administration that is purely a hygiene factor. To maximize results, make sure 80% of your attention and effort is given to this 20% - which includes all the acts of client contact.

4. If you call a valued client and they don't pick up, you must ALWAYS do the following two things:

a. Send them an email or SMS with your mobile phone number immediately. Do not just put the phone down and decide to call up later. Do call later - but before that also make sure that you let the valued client know that you had called. This way, if they call you back, they would also know your name.

b. Let the front of office know that you had called that valued client. The valued client should not be made to wait when they call back due to the reception trying to find out whose call they are returning.

5. Always set reminders for following tasks on any valued client's service process. Do not leave working on a valued client until you have set a reminder for the next action. The time and date you have set as a reminder must also be recorded in your service notes - which should not take more than a maximum of ten seconds - it is only after this is done that you may move on to the next valued client.

6. Try to sell everything other than price (even though our insurance quotes are very competitive and probably the cheapest) - the valued client and you both know that the price of the product is a crucial deciding factor. However, as a professional and qualified insurance personal shopper it's your role and responsibility to educate your valued client about the things they must understand in order to make an informed choice. The cheapest option may not necessarily be the best value solution or the right fit for the valued client's requirement.

7. Always do what you promise. From your viewpoint, a particular commitment may be unimportant - but as far as the valued client is concerned this may be important. Maybe the valued client understands that the commitment is unimportant but uses this as an acid test to determine your credibility and professionalism. Hence, regardless of how minor your promise - always take it seriously and do what you say. Don't overpromise and under-deliver. But, sometimes, if you under-promise and over-deliver, it's okay as you would be exceeding valued client expectations which in most cases is a good thing. If you are faced with an unusual delay which is out of your control, you must let the valued client know about this delay so that they are kept in the loop, apologise for inconvenience and promise by when you would revert to them with the task completed.

8. Always offer choice to a valued client - at least three options - this is our core deliverable as a broking firm. This is why we are totally independent and unbiased.

9. Your role as an insurance personal shopper is to simplify things for the valued client and explain in a way that is not complicated. That is why they come to you - make sure you don't use technical jargon or copy/paste clauses in emails. Always put yourself in the valued client's shoes and explain in layman terms. This, however, does not mean that you compromise on the quality of information you provide - you must make sure that the valued client knows everything they should know - just do it in a way that they are comfortable with and can understand easily. Insurance is not complicated - it just appears to be!

10. AFIA is one team, you have to take responsibility for your colleague's work if they're not around. Your colleague's valued client is equally your valued client. Additionally, you have to take responsibility for all emails received on the email - some may not pertain to you but require urgent action eg. claims reported. You must be aware of everything going on in the email pool. Don't just stick to the enquiries labeled with your name - take ownership of the whole space. If you have to take someone's work today, you must do it with team spirit - they may have to take your work tomorrow and it all balances in the long run.

11. Never complain about being busy to your colleagues or valued clients - always be happy to receive a new enquiry, as it's new business for the company. When you are genuinely happy, from your heart, to receive a new enquiry - this translates to the valued client in the form of diligent valued client service. Everybody is busy and has lots of work to be doing - but that's why we are here. It is absolutely critical and crucial to be able to handle pressure situations every now and then with genuine happiness and excitement.

12. Paperless because cleanliness is godliness - it is every AFIA staff's responsibility to keep their workspace completely free of paper. Even if something needs to be printed, after its use it must either be disposed off or put away for filing or passed on to the valued client or underwriter - it should not be lingering around one's workspace. It is the office boy's responsibility to ensure that all work areas are kept free of paper and that he would work with the AFIA staff to ensure that this is complied with. But we will all have to do our own bit to make the office clean and presentable for our visitors. Having a cleaner and more organised office will also help us enjoy our work more.

13. Comply with these Principles of Service at all times. If you feel you may not be able to comply with a principle at any given moment, find a way to delay the compliance or modify the compliance to suit the scenario - don't let it lead to a breach. If you are in breach of a principle, take it seriously and think of creating mechanisms and changes to your process in order to ensure that this does not happen again. If there is a serious concern about inability to comply with a principle, discuss with the management for a solution. We will be happy to help. We hope we're delivering up to you expectations; certainly our phenomenal valued client feedback makes us feel that we are! However, there is always room for improvement and we'd love to hear from you!

If you really need something to be done very urgently, please feel free to contact any one of your dedicated personal shoppers directly and they will process your requirements on priority:

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