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Alfred's favourite places to drive to

It's very tempting just to do nothing on the weekend, but gather your energy, stop your inertia and you'll find a short day trip very rewarding. And you'll get the benefit of really driving your car, rather than just the day-to-day commute.

Try driving to these places:

Khor Fakkan

This beautiful city actually belongs to the state of Sharjah. An excellent alternative to Fujairah, Khor Fakkan is about a 3 hour drive from Dubai, and boasts fantastic mountains and beaches. If you're feeling adventurous, have a drive through the mountains, or if you're feeling lazy, try out the diving in the beautifully clear waters. Head along Al Dhaid road, and then choose if you want to go via Dibba (left) or Fujairah (right) along road 89. The roads are ok and the scenery for driving is incredible.

Hatta Rock pools

A great place to go for a wintery drive when the pools are deeper. Unfortunately, we've seen that the pools themselves have been tainted by rubbish and graffiti, but the drive there is still exhilarating, with an uneven path, great views and narrow lanes. A real test for you and your car, but well worth it, especially if you spend a bit of time in Hatta too - the fort is worth a visit. The pools are about an hour and a half straight along the Dubai-Hatta road, nestled in the Hajah mountains. The pools are technically in Oman, so some sort of ID might be useful, as well as fully comprehensive car insurance cover, provided by Alfred of course!

Al Ain Oasis

There's always something special about an oasis right in the middle of the desert. Al ain has seven oases, but the one in the city centre has recently become very popular. You can take your car in, but if the weather's nice, why not have a walk? Apparently, the irrigation system is over a thousand years old, and brings water from over 30km away. Al Ain is in the Abu Dhabi Emirate, and because it's not on the coast it's much fresher and less humid. Worth a visit, but whilst you're there, why not take the nice road up to the summit of Jebel Hafeet just in time for sunset? About 2 hours from Abu Dhabi, and 90 mins from Dubai.

Autodrome and Kartdrome

Of course what car enthusiast list wouldn't include the Autodrome? The complex is located right next to Arabian ranches, just 15 mins along Umm Sequeim road. The mornings are probably the best time to go. A little on the expensive side, but we've all wanted to see what an F1 car is like. Just once, at least.