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Extras and optional benefits

Alfred only deals with comprehensive insurance policies. We want to make sure you're adequately covered when you're driving around the UAE and Oman, so we're pretty confident about the standards of the policies we issue.

However, you have the option to make your insurance policy even better.

Hire car option

Hire car

Make sure that accidents don't make it more difficult for you to get to work - even if it's not your fault - by taking the hire car option.

Personal accident benefits

Personal Accident Benefits

This is like a mini form of life insurance for you and your passengers. If you're in a serious accident and someone experiences bodily injury, the insurance company will give you a form of compensation, which can go up to 200,000 Dirhams!

GCC cover

GCC Cover

You can extend your car coverage to include other GCC countries, in case you want to go to Saudi or Kuwait for business or holiday, for example.

 Agency repair

Agency Repair

If your car is relatively new, you can make sure that any accident is fixed by the very people who make your car. This will keep the resale value high.

Protected no claims

Protected No Claims

Perhaps you're an excellent driver, and you haven't been responsible for any accidents in the last 5 years. Of course, you're going to be rewarded with a big no claims discount. Why don't you insure this discount? That way your big discounts won't be spoiled by a little claim.

Roadside assistance

Roadside Assistance

Some people's credit card already has roadside assistance. But for those of you who don't, you should really consider this optional extra, just in case you run out of petrol or your car breaks down whilst you're driving around. Being stuck at the side of Al Khail road at night wouldn't be fun, would it?

Dent repair

Dent Repair

Chartis (AIG) provide the option to include dent repair service in their policy. So, if you have a small bump whilst you're trying to park in the tiny spaces in Madinat Jumeirah, for example, you'll be able to get it repaired under your insurance.