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Getting your car repaired whilst insured with Alfred

Getting your car repaired whilst insured with Alfred

If you have Agency repairs on your policy, your car can be repaired by the agency who are responsible for your brand of car. So, for example, in the event of a crash, your BMW can be taken to the AGMC garage who will repair it for you. This service is often at great expense to the insurers, so you're lucky they make it free for you in your policy!

But if you have an older car, don't worry. Each insurance company maintains their own panel of approved garages, who will repair your car to the highest possible standards, and will be under a 12 month guarantee. So don't you worry.

AXA's preferred garages:

Technical Resources

AIG's preferred garages:

Auto service centre
Pal Auto
KM Garage
Al Mazouri and Clevy
Al Fadi Modern Garage

If you're looking to get some repairs done yourself or you'd like to have modifications done to your car, from Alfred's experience living and working in Dubai, the craftmanship at House of Cars is second to none - have a look on