I want...

How are we doing?

Two minutes of your time, that's all we need! It's completely anonymous and there's only five questions. You don't even need to answer all of them, but it will really help us get better and better.


Did everything work ok? Was it logical? Any spelling mistakes? 

For example:
:D   Delighted!
:)   Happy as Larry
:/   Well that was just ok
;)   Our staff are attractive
:#   Angry
:(   I didn't like that
8)   I'm wearing sunglasses 

Was our office location tricky? 
Was there one member of staff who did something great? 
Was our office too dirty?
Was our courier slow?
Things like this are really useful to us. 

Did you feel looked after? 

 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10
where 1 is a "no way" and a 10 is "I've already called my entire address book"