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Group Medical & Health Insurance Dubai

Tailor-made health insurance solutions and personalized advice, from Alfred

Whether you run a business of just 2 employees or a conglomerate portfolio of 2000 members, let us recommend a healthcare solution that suits your needs and budget. Your medical insurance personal shopper will be happy to be in touch with you over the phone or in person at a time suitable to you.

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We've found every year more and more businesses are taking out medical insurance for their staff. This is great! For the staff, they feel even more benefits from working for their company; as if the company really cares for their well being.

It's also good for the company; a fitter, healthier workforce have been shown to be far more productive. Equally, by arranging insurance as a larger group means that the price will be driven down, and more things can be included, such as dental, maternity cover or cover for pre-existing conditions.

Speaking to Alfred to get you medical insurance for a group (i.e. above 10 employees) will always be preferable to going direct, as we're very good at negotiating for you. So try us!

If you are only looking to insure yourself or your family, register your enquiry here.

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