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Home insurance with Alfred

British citizens are often surprised that home insurance is not compulsory in the UAE like it is in the UK. Fortunately, thanks to different regulation, lower levels of crime and better weather conditions than the British Isles, there is less demand for home insurance. However, those who do have home insurance know just how useful it can be, and how thankful they were to have it!

A good home insurance policy can be bought pretty cheap in the UAE, with cover for all the nice furniture you might have bought whilst you've been staying here, and - perhaps more importantly - for any valuables you might have, such as your new 52" flat screen tv, or the jewellery you bought on fashion avenue in the Dubai Mall.

Burglary, flooding or fire can be catastrophic for your home. Whilst the building will have its own insurance (quite possibly by Alfred!), your belongings will not be covered. So make sure that you'll be able to claim back money should anything happen.