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    How fast can I expect my quotes and my policy?

    We realise that you are usually pushed for time when you come to us looking for car insurance. In fact, when we set up one of our main objectives was to save you a great deal of time and effort.

    As Alfred says, “we do the shopping around for you so that you don’t have to!” We know that you need your car insurance policy in order to be able to register your car and you need to register your car as soon as possible. It is also natural and normal to not have insurance at the top of your list of priorities!

    But what we also know is that you don’t want to pay more or buy the wrong product because you’re in a rush. After all, your insurance is protecting probably one of the most valuable things that you will own in the UAE.It is for the above reasons that we have set up our systems to deliver truly tailor made solutions in minutes. We really manually analyse your profile and requirements and we value this step of the process hugely – after all, we wish to retain you as our client as long as you’re in the UAE and hence need to make sure that we give you the right product at the best possible price.

    Our Current Service Commitment

    You will receive your quote comparison within a maximum of 4 working hours
    You will receive a call and email from your dedicated personal shopper within a maximum of 4 working hours after your quote comparison has been sent to you
    You will receive your policy within a maximum of 2 working hours of sending across your documents and pending information (if you need it sooner, just let us know, it can sometimes be done in as soon as 10 minutes)
    You will receive your claim registration within a maximum of 4 working hours of sending across your documents and pending information
    You will receive a helpful and detailed reply to your email within a maximum of 3 working hours of us receiving it
    If your personal shopper misses your phone call they will make sure they call you within a maximum of 1 working hour of missing your call

    We really aspire to meet and exceed the above commitments all the time, however some days can be unusually busy and the volume of requests can delay things a bit – but never by too much. Your enquiry is truly very important to us!