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Life Insurance Conditions & Exclusions

Life Insurance providers consider a number of influencing factors when “underwriting your policy”. Put simply, the details you provide in your application will influence your acceptability and the price you’ll pay. You therefore must provide full and accurate information relating to:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Marital Status
  • Number of Children
  • Height & Weight
  • Medical History (including pre-existing conditions and surgeries, treatments & medications taken)
  • Medical History of your family (you’ll be asked about serious medical conditions such as cancer, heart attack/conditions, diabetes etc as many conditions can be hereditary or passed on through the family)
  • Alcohol consumption (present and past)
  • Smoking (present and past including all substances such as tobacco, shisha, vaping & other substances)
  • Your occupation
  • Your pastimes & hobbies (this helps to assess activity levels as well as identify any hazardous pastimes that could impact you in terms of health or accident)

Just as no two applicants are the same, no two underwriters or insurance policies are either! There are market “norms” in terms of what is/isn’t acceptable and what’s on offer in terms of policy limits, covers and term but there are a range of variables too. That’s why it’s advised to contact us at today so one of our friendly team can talk you through the options. That way you’ll have the best cover at the best price for you.