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    Life Insurance Conditions & Exclusions

    Life insurance providers will look at many things when underwriting a policy especially for you, such as:

    – Age
    – Sex (some states have “unisex” rates)
    – Marital status
    – Number of children
    – Height / Weight
    – Purpose of the insurance
    – Health history (of you and your family)
    – Occupation / Income
    – Alcohol consumption, both past and present
    – Smoking (both legal and illegal)
    – Hobbies
    – Type and frequency of travel
    – The amount of the policy requested

    But each underwriter will value them differently. Equally, each policy will have their own exclusions and conditions, so make sure you get your personal shopper to talk you through them thoroughly.
    Each policy might have their own:
    – minimum payments
    – minimum and maximum ages covered
    – restrictions on suicide, assisted death
    – acceptable payment methods
    – maximum sum insured levels