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Optional benefits and extras

There are all kinds of ways to tailor a life insurance policy. Here's a short list, but do speak to your Alfred shopping assitant who can talk you through all the options.

- Cover can be arranged on a single life, but also for you and your partner. In this scenario, you can get a pay out in the event of the first death, or after both deaths, and this will be cheaper than taking out two individual policies.

- A whole variety of payment options - payment as a lump sum, as flat payments on a monthly or annually basis, or as diminishing payments.

- Critical illness cover

- Total disability cover

- Payment can be in a variety of currencies, so the policy is truly worldwide!

- Long term care

- Accidental death addtional benefits

- Dismemberment

- Hospitalisation

- Family income

- Waiver of premium

- Permanent total disability

- Aeroplane cover