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Life insurance policies with Alfred

Life insurance is actually a very general term. There's all kinds of possibilities and different plans, so it's perhaps the most customisable of all the insurances.

But the message is clear - the past is history, but tomorrow is a mystery. Who knows what will happen? As another cliche goes, hope for the best, but plan for the worst. What if you do die tomorrow? Who will pay for your children's education? Who will pay the rent? Who will pay for your funeral? Scary isn't it. Obviously, you could play the stock markets, move money around to benefit from the exchange rates or just try to save. But why not make your money work harder?

Life insurance isn't the same as car insurance. Car insurance is all about protection. Sure, there's a large protection element in life insurance too, but unlike car insurance, life insurance is also an investment. Life insurance is about financial planning, but having protection at the same time.

Life insurance is divided in to 'term level' and 'whole of life'.

Term level life insurance

Some people just want to have have cover for a particular period of their lives. Here, an amount is paid upfront, monthly or annually, and, should anything happen to that person in the term agreed (often 5, 10, 15 or 20 years) a sum will be paid out. Of course, the more you pay each month, the higher the pay out will be. If you're lucky and you don't die, you will receive a fixed payment - your monthly contributions have been invested on your behalf. So this sort of life insurance is great for financial planning too; saving for your daughter's wedding, perhaps.

Whole of Life insurance

One would hope that we impart a bigger impression upon other people when we are alive than when we are gone. However, death can leave behind all kinds of financial insecurities for your loved ones. Contributions towards a whole of life policy can be made as a lump sum, or monthly/annual payments and will cover you in the event of death right until you are 95 years old.

By definition, we would hope that life insurance is a long term investment. Accordingly, we will only work with companies who we know will be there in the long term.