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Medical insurance with Alfred

Whether you're a western expat who's recently arrived from the European rain, or a seasoned Dubai resident, you'll want to make sure any medical expenses you might face whilst you're living in the UAE can be met. After all, an unfortunate accident and a broken arm might well prove to be expensive.

But the UAE has a wide range of providers offering different levels of cover, so that you won't be caught out, regardless of your available income.

Local and Indian sub-continent policies are easy to buy, but getting the right one is more difficult - each have their own clauses and restrictions. Equally, having a worldwide medical cover card in your wallet is a great feeling, but which one is right for you? The prices, services and covers all differ greatly.

However, as shopping assistants, we hope that we can point you to the right product on the shelf. In fact, we think the more questions you ask about medical insurance the better!

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