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What are the benefits of having one insurance broker manage all my insurance?

If you're a big customer for us, we will be able to give you higher levels of flexibility and a more personalised level of service than that offered to our one-off consumer clients. Give us a try - our 99% corporate client retention gives us the confidence that we will pro-actively keep you satisfied over the long term! Here are some of the benefits of insuring everything with us:

Multiple policy discounts - consolidate your insurances and benefit from economies of scale by insuring everything you need with us. Learn more here.

One key account manager - should you insure multiple assets with us, you will enjoy the services of a senior account manager. He or she will act as a single contact point for all your insurance requirements and will guide you through every solution. Regular meetings will help ensure that there is no unknown exposure and at the same time a high-level relationship will ensure that the best possible covers and deals are obtained from insurers.

One claims manager - in addition to your key account manager, you will have a single point of contact for all your claims. With prioritized follow up and mediation at a high level, the maximum possible flexibility will be shown in terms of coverage and speed of settlement. This serves as an enhancement to our usual commitment to claims service.

Systematic and timely renewal reminders - when you have multiple personal and/or business insurance policies it feels like almost something or the other is renewing everyday. Our systems will help ensure that you receive your renewal reminder exactly the number of days before the insurance expiry date - just exactly how you like it. Or, why don't we agree on all your policy terms in one meeting and have a seamless automatic renewal process without bothering you with reminders every now and then?

Automatic continuity of no claims discounts - by having your insurances consolidated with insurancemarket.ae, even if you change insurers we will make sure you continue to benefit from your no claims history. This will be done seamlessly and without any administrative hassles at your end.

Credit facilities - if your total annual premium exceeds AED 1,000,000 we can setup a special facility where you pay for all your insurance policies once every quarter. This facility is subject to management and underwriter approval and may not be applicable to all classes of insurance that you may have with us.

If you really need something to be done very urgently, please feel free to contact any one of your dedicated personal shoppers directly and they will process your requirements on priority:

Your dedicated personal shoppers

We're an insurance comparison website that brings you the best deals, but with dedicated personal shoppers to help you choose the right product.

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