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Gulf News Subscriber Exclusive         


We love Gulf News. And we love Gulf News subscribers even more - that's why we're delighted to work with them and offer a fantastic rate on your car insurance this year.

This special rate underwritten by AIG - American International Group is being provided to all Good Living Card holders -



That is the lowest rate Alfred has ever seen, which just goes to show how good Gulf News are to their subscribers. You can get this rate as soon as it is time for your car insurance(s) to be renewed, just let us know when your insurance will be ready to be renewed below and we'll even remind you closer to the time.

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Just let us know when your registration card will expire, so we can remind you of this deal near the time. If you have more than one car, just separate the dates with a comma. For new cars, just write roughly when you're planning to buy!
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What are you looking to get insured? You can write multiple cars in here to save time. The more information you can give us, the better!
e.g. Audi A8, 5 seats, 3.2ltr 
What year was the car manufactured? (please note, if different, please tell us when the car was first registered) 
How much is your car worth? If you're not sure, do you remember how much it was worth last year?
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What is your date of birth?
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How many years have you had a UAE licence for? 

Have you claimed recently? If not, you may be eligible for a discount. Sometimes, you may need to get a certificate from your old insurance company, but not always. 

A few other things to note:


Fully comprehensive insurance including liability up to AED 5 million, comprehensive insurance in Oman, off road cover (for 4x4s), 24 hour breakdown recovery/roadside assistance, natural perils cover, emergency medical expenses, personal injury cover valid for drivers with at least one year drivers license and over the age of 30 (a special case-by-case rate would be applied for subscribers aged under 30 years of age);


Subject to a minimum premium of AED 1000 for sedans, AED 1250 for 4x4s and AED 1750 for coupés;

Selected sports cars or coupés and/or vehicles valued over AED 350,000 will be rated on a case-by-case (though preferential) basis;

Optional agency repair coverage would be rated at 2.6% for the first three years and at 3.1% for the fourth and fifth years;

Optional personal accident benefit at AED 60 for the driver and at AED 30 per passenger; optional car hire cash benefit at AED 125;

All other covers, terms and conditions as per the standard AIG comprehensive motor insurance policy and subject to usual policy fees (AED 90). These terms are strictly valid only for Gulf News subscribers and/or their spouse only (please provide your Good Living card number above);

The usual insurance terms and conditions apply.