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Travel insurance with Alfred

We're so lucky in the UAE to have so many fantastic airlines based here. We can fly anywhere in the world in comfort, and being literally in the Middle of the map means flight times are not too long.

Maybe it's time to go home for a holiday. Maybe it's time to do business in New York or Hong Kong, maybe it's time to take off to an isolated island to be away from it all.

But why do people take travel insurance? Being in a different country is an exciting and exhilarating, but many people find themselves out of their comfort zone - surprising when they're tanning on a beach in the Bahamas! We're never completely sure what will happen whilst we're away; there's the opportunity for all kinds of things to go wrong. We might have our baggage lost, or our passport stolen, or we might be unlucky and find ourselves in a foreign hospital.

Travel insurance is there to take care of any of these eventualities. With Alfred by your side, you know that your travel insurance policy will be able to help you out when you need it most. Whereever you are.

Taking an Alfred product on holiday is cost effective, especially if you're all going as a family!