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As soon as you fill the car insurance form, we start working on your car insurance comparison. We try our best to individually negotiate each quote with the insurance companies to try and bring you the best deals. We also usually have special schemes that we run with insurers for limited periods of time. You can read more about our pricing strategy here.

However, we always emphasise the importance of comparing the covers and benefits in your policy - this is more important than getting the cheapest quote. In addition, it is very important to make sure that you do not misrepresent material information to bring down prices. This is where your dedicated personal shopper plays a very important role.

Once your car insurance comparison is ready, you receive an email that details the following:

Subjectivities and assumptions

Quote comparison as an attachment (see sample below)

Process to go ahead (like the documents and pending information required)

Personal shopper's contact details - you will usually receive a separate email and phone call from your dedicated personal shopper usually within a few hours of receiving the quote. Their role is to help you with absolutely everything related to the purchase of your car insurance - read more about what they do here.

To See Sample quotes.........

"However, if you would like to review the formal quotations from the insurance companies, your personal shoppers can happily send you those upon request. You can click on any of the following to see what they look like:"

Note: insurance company names haven't been mentioned in the above comparison as this is just for illustrating what kind of comparison you will receive rather than an actual description of the various car insurance products you can compare with us. In the real thing, you will see the insurance company names as well as actual product details and prices.

How quickly will I receive this quote comparison? Well, our current commitment is a maximum of 4 working hours. You will usually receive it sooner than this but in some rare scenarios it may take a little longer. Learn more about our service commitments when it comes to turnaround times here.

Your dedicated personal shoppers

We're an insurance comparison website that brings you the best deals, but with dedicated personal shoppers to help you choose the right product.

Andy Cartwright
Arsalan Nawaz Khan
Christabelle Gouria
Dale Mitchell
Dennis Suba
Dolly Regvel
Hitesh Motwani
Ian Georgopoulos
Mark Llanto
Matthew Lactaotao
Mazhar Khan
Mohamed Abobakr
Shiraaz Ahmed
Venisse Guerrero
Vijay N

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Promptness is one of our core principles of service and we think that it's our competitive advantage. Whether your pressed for time or not, give us a try - get a FREE quote comparison now!

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If you are renewing your insurance, please tell us which insurance company your car is currently insured with.This way we can see whether it would be more beneficial to stick with your current insurer. If you are buying a car, please let us know here by saying 'buying'.  
Have you claimed recently? If not, you may be eligible for a discount. Sometimes, you may need to get a certificate from your old insurance company, but not always. If this is your first car in the UAE but you've owned cars before, let us know your claims history anyway. 
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