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Yacht insurance with Alfred

There are quite a few different providers of yacht insurance in the UAE. We’ve found our strong relationships with certain underwriters enable us to move away from ‘package’ policies, and create something far more appropriate for your needs.

Like motor, yacht insurance can be on a comprehensive or third party basis. Even in the latter, there are different thresholds for liability, ranging from $500,000 to $1million. So it depends who you think you’re likely to hit!

Comprehensive policies such as the ones provided by New India Assurance and AXA are on an all risks basis – including loss or damage to your own vessel from accident, strong weather conditions or just things floating around in the sea.

Theft is covered, even down to the boat’s fittings (This can be further extended to personal belongings upon request). And the boat doesn’t even need to be in the water, some of our policies even cover the yacht when it’s in transit.

The policies are only designed for vessels used for social, domestic and pleasure only. If you’re looking to insure for hire, charter or commercial use, please let us know.