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Types of Business Insurance

Office Insurance Package

Business Insurance Package

Workmens Compensation & Employers Liability


Public Liability (Premises, Third Party, Products and/or Pollution)

Group Medical

Group Life

Group Travel

Professional Indemnity

Car Fleet (or Multiple Car Discount Scheme)

Marine Cargo

Marine Hull (Yacht, Boat or Vessel)

Business Interruption or Consequential Loss

Machinery Breakdown

Contractors All Risks

Erection All Risks

Trade Credit Insurance

Jewellers Block

Medical Malpractice

Kidnap & Ransom

Directors & Officers Liability

Defence Based Act (DBA)

Extended Warranties


Business Insurance, the ticket to sustenance and success for Dubai companies

It is often said that business owners should have a fierce resolve in order to achieve success in their goals. Though they can be aggressive, they must have a phlegmatic disposition also. This may sound a bit oxymoronic but unless they are composed, they cannot foresee situations and take measures to counter them appropriately.

Business insurance is one of the vital tools that can help entrepreneurs and companies to keep at bay the impact of the risks that may pervade their business operations. It is heartening to note that the insurance sector in the UAE and more so, in Dubai has broken the shackles to which they remained tied and is now offering a number of innovative products that can help the commercial sector.

The unique business insurance products offered by InsuranceMarket.ae are backed by top-rated international securities. A study of the operations of the insurance companies in Dubai will reveal that the concept of "reverse engineering" is working in full swing in this industry because instead of pushing the standard products available with them, the insurance companies first try to fully understand the unique needs of businesses and come out with tailor-made plans for fulfilling them.

This means that business establishments have to just provide the details of their requirements to the highly qualified and experienced experts at Alfred’s Insurance Market so they can come up with suitable solutions for countering their risks.

We look forward to helping you put your business insurance in place quickly and easily.

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