Emirates NBD, a prominent bank in the UAE, offers various services to meet different needs. Among these, the Standard Current Account stands out. It’s designed to make everyday banking easy while providing many great features. This account is more than just a place to keep your money. It opens the door to flexible and secure financial management and even rewards you.

One key benefit of this account is the ability to deal with major currencies like AED, USD, GBP, and more. This feature is especially useful for managing money in different currencies, keeping you connected to the global financial scene. Let’s dive into more details and discover how this account can be a helpful financial tool for you.

Features and Benefits of Emirates NBD Current Account in UAE

Emirates NBD, a leading bank in the UAE, offers a Standard Current Account designed to cater to your everyday banking needs easily and efficiently. Here’s what makes this account stand out:

  1. Currency options: You can deal in various currencies, including AED, USD, GBP, AUD, CAD, SGD, JOD, KWD, SAR, QAR, OMR, and BHD.
  2. Free teller transactions: Enjoy up to 10 monthly transactions, depending on your banking package.
  3. First cheque book at no cost: Your first cheque book is complimentary.
  4. Direct remit for fast transfers: Transfer money to your home country in just 60 seconds, without any fees, using online or mobile banking.
  5. Convenient online banking: Manage your banking efficiently using your computer, tablet, or mobile.
  6. Easy transfers and payments: Safely and swiftly pay utility bills and make local and international transfers.
  7. mePay: Send money to friends quickly using only their mobile number through mobile banking.
  8. Cardless cash withdrawal: Using mobile banking, you can easily withdraw cash without your card – perfect for when you forget your card.
  9. Exciting offers with EmiratesEmirates NBD cards: With your Emirates NBD cards, you can discover great deals on dining, entertainment, and travel.
  10. Debit cards: Enjoy the convenience of cashless transactions with globally accepted debit cards featuring enhanced security and reward benefits.
  11. Committed to security: Your financial and personal data are protected with state-of-the-art security, adhering to international cybersecurity standards.
  12. Contactless payments: Experience the ease of making secure payments with your phone or wearable devices, offering a modern, cashless payment solution.

Requirements and Documents for Opening a Emirates NBD Current Account in UAE

Opening a current account with Emirates NBD is straightforward. Here’s what you need:

For UAE Nationals:

  • Original Emirates ID and a copy
  • Copy of your passport
  • For a salary transfer account, one of the following:
    • Copy of Labor Card
    • Copy of Employee ID
    • Latest salary letter

For Expats:

  • Original Emirates ID and a copy
  • Copy of your passport
  • For a salary transfer account, one of the following:
    • Salary transfer letter (not more than 30 days old for non-government companies; for government companies, validity as stated in the letter)
    • Copy of appointment letter or contract
    • Copy of most recent payslip (less than a month old)
    • Statement showing salary from the previous month
  • For bulk accounts: Consolidated letter from HR, including each employee’s salary

For Non-residents:

  • Passport and a visa page copy
  • One of the following:
    • Utility bill (no more than three months old)
    • Bank statements from the past three months
    • Reference letter from a banker in home country (confirming at least 12 months of relationship and including residential address as per the bank’s records)

For GCC Nationals:

  • Either of the following identification:
    • UAE National ID and its copy
    • Labour Card and its copy
    • Work Permit and its copy
    • Letter from employer
    • Copy of a recent telephone or electricity bill (not older than three months)
    • Tenancy contract in your name
  • Additionally, one of the following:
    • Passport and its copy
    • UAE National ID and its copy

For Self-employed Individuals:

  • Passport and Emirates ID copies of all signatories, owners, and directors
  • Trade license (if the company is based in the UAE)
  • Memorandum of Association (MOA)
  • Board Resolution. 

How to Set Up a Current Account with Emirates NBD in the UAE?

  1. Start Your Banking Journey: Visit the Emirates NBD account opening page.
  2. Existing Customer Status: Indicate whether you are an existing Emirates NBD customer.
  3. Nationality Confirmation: Specify if you are a UAE national.
  4. Personal Information: Provide your full name, email address, and mobile number.
  5. Monthly Income Details: Enter details about your monthly income.
  6. Account Purpose: Choose whether the account is for individual or business purposes.
  7. Identification Documents: Confirm that you have an Emirates ID and a valid passport. This is required to verify your employment, Nationality, and name.
  8. Sanctioned Nationality Check: Answer if you are from a sanctioned nationality.
  9. Age Confirmation: Please confirm that you are over 18 years old, as this is required to open an account.
  10. Terms and Conditions: Please read and understand the terms and conditions and give your consent. 

How to Close an Emirates NBD Current Account in the UAE?

Things to Remember Before You Close Your Account

  1. Withdraw funds: Ensure that all funds are withdrawn from the account you intend to close. The account must have a zero balance before it can be closed.
  2. Resolve liens or holds: If any liens or amounts are on hold, you must deposit cash to clear them.
  3. Settle linked debts: If you have any credit card debts or loans linked to your account for auto-debits, settle these or provide a new repayment method.
  4. Cancel recurring payments: You can cancel any standing instructions for recurring payments or direct debits. If you have other Emirates NBD accounts, you can transfer them to them.
  5. Download statements: Print or download your account statements for records, as you won’t have access to online statement history after account closure.

Steps to Close Your Emirates NBD Account

Closing Account Via Email

Step 1: Fill out the account closure form

  • Start by completing the account closure form. This form is likely available on the Emirates NBD website or at a local branch.

Step 2: Compose an email

  • Write an email to Emirates NBD. The email should be sent from the email address you have registered with the bank.
  • Address the email to [email protected].

Step 3: Email subject line

  • Use “Account Closure Request” as the subject of your email. This helps to ensure your email is directed to the right department.

Step 4: Include necessary details in the email

  • In the body of the email, mention the following:
    • The details of the account you wish to close (like the account number).
    • Your reason for wanting to close the account.

Step 5: Wait for a response

  • After sending the email, wait for a response from an Emirates NBD representative. They might contact you for more details or documents to process your closure request.

Step 6: Fulfill any additional requirements

  • If the bank requests more information or documents, provide them promptly to avoid delays in closing your account.

Step 7: Account closure confirmation

  • Once all conditions for account closure are met, expect your account to be closed within 2 to 3 working days.

Step 8: Confirmation of closure

  • You should receive a confirmation from Emirates NBD once your account is closed. Keep this for your records.

Closing Account Via Branch Visit

Step 1: Visit a Local Branch

  • Find the nearest Emirates NBD branch: Locate an Emirates NBD branch that is convenient for you to visit.

Step 2: Bring Necessary Identification

  • Gather your identification documents: Ensure you have your passport and Emirates ID.
  • Collect your banking items: Bring any cards, credit books, and chequebooks associated with your account.

Step 3: For Joint Accounts

  • Coordinate with joint account holders (if applicable): If you’re closing a joint account, ensure all the account holders visit the branch together.

Step 4: Meet Account Closure Conditions

  • Discuss with bank staff: Once at the branch, speak to a staff member about closing your account. They will guide you through any additional conditions that need to be met for account closure.

Step 5: Account Closure Process

  • Wait for the closure to be processed: After meeting all the conditions, your account will be closed within 2 to 3 working days.

Emirates NBD Current Account Closure Fees

  • A fee of AED 100 is applied if the account is closed within 6 months of opening.
  • No fees are charged for accounts closed after six months.
  • You must also pay any outstanding debit interest and other charges, including any issued cheques.


  • Closing on behalf: If you are abroad, you can inquire if someone can close your account on your behalf and whether the money can be transferred to an overseas bank account.
  • Dormant accounts: If your account has been dormant for a long time, you can request specific procedures to close it.


In summary, the Standard Current Account at Emirates NBD stands out as a user-friendly and effective option for banking in the UAE. It’s designed to cater to various customer needs, making banking simple and beneficial. With its range of features and perks, this account makes everyday financial tasks easy and advantageous.

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