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Introduction to Health Insurance in Dubai

Effective January 2017, health insurance cover in Dubai is mandatory for its citizens and expats working in the city. According to DHA (Dubai Health Authority), more than 98% (over 4 million) of the Dubai residents now have mandatory basic health insurance.

Expats in Dubai are required to have a health insurance to apply for a new residency visa or to renew an existing one. The move is part of the overall efforts of Dubai and UAE governments to provide adequate healthcare to expats who are earning a lower wage. 

The Mandatory Health Insurance Coverage in Dubai

The new mandatory health insurance coverage is under the Dubai Health Insurance Law that came into existence in January 2014. According to the law, every sponsor is now responsible for providing a mandatory basic health insurance plan to all expats regardless of their salaries. By this, Dubai government makes sure that even the low paid employees, mostly who work under AED 4,000 can also have access to adequate healthcare.

What If You Don’t Have Health Insurance in Dubai?

If you are an expat, it is illegal and may result in deportation and cancellation of visa. As an expat, you cannot renew your residency visa if you don’t have health insurance. On the other hand, citizens and expats also have to pay a monthly fine of 500 AED. In the case of expats, the sponsor is responsible for paying a fine.

Basic Health Insurance Coverage

With basic health insurance coverage, you can have access to hospitals and clinics under DHA (Dubai Health Authority). DHA has currently a large network of clinics and hospitals all across Dubai offering an easy and quick access to medical services. The basic health insurance coverage is specifically designed for expats with lower salaries.

The basic health coverage costs employers an estimated 600 to 700 AED a year and offers medical coverage of up to 150,000 AED.

Other Health Insurance Options

For those who are looking for better health coverage can shop for other insurance options mostly offered by their employers. There are many health insurance companies in Dubai that offer private health insurance with access to more hospitals and clinics with wider coverage.

Health Insurance Providers in Dubai

For many expats, the basic coverage is not enough and they look for better coverage options. Fortunately, there are many insurance companies that offer different health insurance plans often customised according to the needs of the buyer. 

Even though most of the companies offer adequate health insurance along with their compensation package, but it is not mandatory for companies to do so. In some cases, you have to look out for a better option on your own. 

Health insurance plans can significantly vary depending on the cost and coverage. While most of the health insurance packages don’t include optical and dental coverage, you can have these covered for a higher cost in premium medical insurance plans.

In Dubai, you can have the list of hospitals and clinics that are listed on your cover. With more comprehensive health coverage plan, you can also have an access to a better and extensive health network of hospitals and other healthcare providers.



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For feedback, complaints, suggestions or even complements on health service providers and the Dubai Health Authority, please visit iPROMES.




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Healthcare is expensive in the UAE and if you don’t have the right health insurance for yourself, your family or your employees, you could be looking at massive liabilities.