The United Arab Emirates (UAE) offers the Golden Visa, a long-term residence visa with numerous benefits, including access to exclusive health insurance plans. Understanding the health insurance requirements and options available for Golden Visa holders is crucial for ensuring comprehensive coverage and security during your stay in the UAE.

Health Insurance Requirements for UAE Golden Visa Holders

Golden Visa holders in the UAE have specific health insurance requirements depending on their employment status:

Employed Individuals: If you are employed and have been granted a Golden Visa, your employer’s health insurance policy will continue to cover you.

Freelancers and Self-Employed Individuals: If you are a freelancer or self-employed individual, you must have valid health insurance in the UAE or be prepared to cover your full medical costs if needed.

How UAE Golden Visa Holders Can Apply for Health Insurance?

Applying for health insurance in the UAE is a straightforward process. As a Golden Visa holder, follow these steps to secure your health coverage:

Research Options: Explore the various insurance companies and brokers in the UAE. You have a wide range of options with over 40 insurance companies and over 100 brokers available. Websites like the UAE Insurance Authority, online comparison platforms, and reputable brokers like can provide a comprehensive list of providers and assist you in finding the best coverage.

Contact Providers: You can contact insurance companies or brokers through their websites or contact numbers. Brokers like can offer comparative quotes from multiple companies, helping you find the best coverage for your needs.

Provide Basic Information: When applying, you must furnish basic details such as your name, gender, age, and information about any dependents you wish to include in the policy.

Disclose Pre-existing Conditions: If required, complete a health declaration or medical underwriting form to disclose any pre-existing medical conditions. This step is crucial for comprehensive plans as it can affect your premium and coverage.

Submit Required Documents: Prepare and submit the necessary documents, which typically include:

  • A copy of your passport
  • Your UAE visa
  • Emirates ID
  • Proof of previous insurance (if renewing your policy)

Review and Choose a Plan: Evaluate the quotes and coverage options provided by the insurance companies or brokers. Choose a plan that best suits your needs and budget.

Payment and Confirmation: Once you’ve selected a plan, make the payment as instructed by the insurance provider. Upon successful payment, you’ll receive a confirmation of your insurance policy and the policy documents.

Policy Activation: Your health insurance policy will become active from the date specified in the policy documents. Ensure you understand the coverage, network hospitals, and claim process.

Exclusive Health Insurance Plans for Golden Visa Holders

Golden Visa holders in the UAE can access a selection of health insurance plans tailored to meet their specific needs, providing security and facilitating long-term residency planning. Let’s delve into real-world data to see what this could financially mean.

For instance, Daman, the National Health Insurance Company, offers dedicated plans that can be customised to include international coverage and come with various annual coverage limits, ensuring Golden Visa holders can select the option that best suits their lifestyle and needs.

Understanding the Health Insurance Premiums for Golden Visa Holders

Based on the true average data, the annual premiums for health insurance plans can vary significantly depending on age, gender, and the level of coverage selected. Here is a simplified overview of some average premiums across a range of popular plans for Golden Visa holders:

Age Group TE Ecare 1 (AED)Sukoon Safe (AED)Dubai Care Exclusive N2B (AED)Takaful Emarat Silver Plus (AED)Bupa Regional (AED)Bupa Premier (AED)
25-30 ~1,000 – 2,100~2,000 – 11,800~5,100 – 11,700~2,600 – 5,600~9,600 – 12,300~18,700 – 25,700
31-40~1,000 – 2,300~2,600 – 11,900~6,000 – 12,700~3,000 – 6,100~11,600 – 15,100~21,300 – 32,600
41-50~1,300 – 1,900~2,700 – 11,300~7,500 – 10,600~3,800 – 5,100~17,200 – 20,600~29,400 – 38,700
51-60~2,300 – 2,500~5,100 – 6,000~10,600 – 12,600~5,400 – 6,400~26,400 – 29,200~43,700 – 49,700
61-65~3,900 – 4,700~6,300 – 7,400~18,600 – 23,400~9,400 – 11,900~39,800 – 43,200~69,200 – 71,500
66-70 ~6,300 – 6,300~6,700 – 8,900~25,000 – 25,000~12,700 – 12,700~53,200 – 57,600~87,400 – 89,100

These figures illustrate the range of premiums an expatriate might expect to pay for health insurance in the UAE, depending on their age and the comprehensiveness of the plan. Premiums typically increase with age, reflecting the higher risk and potential healthcare costs associated with older policyholders.

When considering these plans, Golden Visa holders must evaluate the cost and breadth of coverage—ensuring the insurance meets their healthcare needs while fitting into their financial planning.

For Golden Visa holders seeking comprehensive coverage, it’s clear that investing in a dedicated health insurance plan is a critical step in their residency planning. With plans that cater to a range of healthcare needs and financial capabilities, expatriates can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing they are well-protected.

By incorporating such a stats table in your informational material, you provide Golden Visa holders with valuable insights into the financial aspects of health insurance in the UAE, helping them make informed decisions based on their age and desired level of coverage.

For personalised assistance and to begin securing a tailored health insurance plan, Golden Visa holders can visit and explore the vast range of options available.


Health insurance is a critical aspect of residing in the UAE, especially for Golden Visa holders. It’s important to understand the specific requirements and options available to ensure you have comprehensive coverage that meets your needs. By choosing the right plan, you can enjoy peace of mind and focus on your life and work in the UAE.

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