Discovering how things are going with your Emirates ID application doesn’t need to be complicated. In this blog, we’re going to show you the simple way to check your Emirates ID status. 

No confusing steps, just straightforward guidance to keep you informed about your application progress. Let’s get started on finding out the status of your Emirates ID – the easy way!

Why Do You Need to Check Your Emirates ID Status?

Emirates ID Status


First off, the Emirates ID is a compulsory identification card for all UAE residents, including citizens and expatriates. It is a plastic card with an electronic chip that stores your personal information, such as your name, date of birth, nationality, and address. The Emirates ID is also used as a proof of identity and residency in the UAE.

The Emirates ID is important for UAE residents because it is required for many everyday tasks, such as:

  • Opening a bank account
  • Getting a mobile phone plan
  • Renting an apartment
  • Applying for a job
  • Traveling within the UAE
  • Voting in elections

It is also important to check your Emirates ID status regularly to make sure that your card is still valid and that your personal information is up to date. If your Emirates ID expires, you will not be able to do any of the above things. You will also need to renew your Emirates ID if you change your name, address, or nationality.

3 Steps to Check Your Emirates ID Status

check Emirates ID Status


After you’ve submitted your application for either a new Emirates ID card or its renewal, you have the option to track the status of your Emirates ID online.

To verify the status, you’ll need either the Emirates ID number or the registration application number. But don’t worry you can just find this in the  application form or in the ID.

So here are the easy steps that you can follow:

  1. Go to the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) website: The website address is
  2. Enter your Emirates ID number, application number (PRAN), or passport number: Once in the website, find the segment entitle ‘Check Application Status’ on the right side of the first page. Then enter your Emirates ID number which is a 13-digit number that is printed on your card. Meanwhile, your application number is a 10-digit number that you will receive when you submit your application for an Emirates ID. Lastly, your passport number is the number of your passport.
  3. Click on the “Check” button: After inputting the number, click the ‘Check’ button in the same box beside your Emirates ID number or application number. Then your application status will appear in a popup box.

If your Emirates ID status is “Pending”, it means that your application is still being processed. However, if it is “Approved”, it means that your application has been approved and your Emirates ID is being printed. 

If your Emirates ID status is “Issued”, it means that your Emirates ID has been issued and is ready for collection. Meanwhile, if the ID status is “Rejected”, it means that your application has been rejected.

If ever you face any difficulties in the process of checking the status of your Emirates ID or card, you have the option to directly reach out to the authority’s customer support at 600 522222.

Tracking Emirates ID Application Progress

An additional feature available to users is the ‘Application History Log’ displayed on the screen. This log provides a comprehensive timeline of their Emirates ID application, offering valuable insights into each stage of the process:

  • Date of application submission: The initial step, marking the date when the application was initially submitted.
  • Date sent for printing: The subsequent stage, indicating when the application was forwarded for the printing of the Emirates ID card.
  • Date of information verification: A key checkpoint where the submitted information is confirmed and verified.
  • Date card was printed: The date when the Emirates ID card was physically printed and finalized.
  • Date of dispatch to post office: The conclusive step, signifying the day the card was dispatched to the designated post office for collection.


Can I check the Emirates ID status without an application number? 

No, the application number is usually required to access the status information online.

What is the average processing time for an Emirates ID? 

The processing time can vary, but it generally takes around 7 to 14 working days to receive your Emirates ID after submitting the application.

Can I check my Emirates ID status through a mobile app? 

Yes, the ICA may provide a mobile app that allows you to check your Emirates ID status conveniently.

Is there a fee to check the Emirates ID status? 

No, checking your Emirates ID status through the official channels is usually free of charge.

Can I check the Emirates ID status for someone else? 

If you have the necessary authorization, you might be able to check the status for someone else. However, it’s best to refer to the official guidelines.

What should I do if my Emirates ID application is rejected? 

If your application is rejected, you should contact the relevant authorities or the ICA for guidance on the next steps.

Can I check the Emirates ID status in languages other than Arabic? 

Yes, the ICA website and related services often provide options to view information in multiple languages, including English.

Can I track the delivery of my Emirates ID card? 

Yes, once your card is printed and dispatched, you may be able to track its delivery through the official website or relevant postal service.

Is there an age requirement for applying for an Emirates ID? 

Yes, Emirates IDs are usually issued for individuals above a certain age (e.g., 15 years old). The specific age requirement may vary.

What should I do if there is an error in my Emirates ID status or information? 

If you notice any errors or discrepancies, you should contact the ICA or the relevant authorities to rectify the issue promptly.

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