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    Wow, this is all a bit different isn’t it? How does it all work? What’s Alfred’s favorite color? And other frequently asked questions.
    How can I promise you all this?

    Economies of scale. Bargaining power. Bulk rates. Efficient distribution. Enhanced underwriting. Many names with one idea: long live the broker! And if the broker is Alfred, we are talking about Achilles without a heel.

    But what if I'm a busy person?

    Alfred and his little helpers will always try to get back to you as quick as they can. Which is pretty fast. If you are in a real hurry, just let us know and we’ll see what we can do. We can even get your documents sent your way with next day delivery. If you’re interested about our value-added car registration service, ask me about it and I’ll be more than happy to tell you.

    But what if I'm not a fan of this internet thing?

    I can take all the info from you over the phone and give you all the info you need at the same time. Easy.

    How can I Pay?

    Alfred is a fan of credit card or cash. If you’re visiting our office you can choose your payment method but if you want it delivered we’ll have to charge you before we dispatch your documents. You should know that sometimes the banks impose a small charge for credit card payment but we will let you know about it well beforehand if it applies to you. 

    What if I have more than one car?

    We’ll be able to negotiate a group discount on your behalf if your cars are due for renewal at similar times. Or why not get together with a few workmates and we’ll see if we can do something very special for you.

    Whereabouts are you based?

    We’re based in Dubai, but we can deliver and issue policies all over the UAE. For more information, check out our contact page.

    What if I want to change my policy?

    Let us know, and we can sort out changing your policy. In fact, as we love our clients, we’ll even do this for free. However, your premium might change, but we’ll let you know about that.

    I'm pregnant, can I buy medical insurance to cover the birth?

    Insurance isn’t designed for certainties! Why would the insurance company let you pay 3000 Dirhams when they know for a fact they’re going to have to pay out 5 times this when it’s time for your delivery? You can still get medical insurance, but it will not cover anything to do with the pregnancy. If you are not pregnant yet, ask one of Alfred’s helpers for advice on which is the best policy for you.

    I'm leaving the country, how do I cancel my insurance?

    We’re sad to see you leave. Providing you haven’t had any claims, we can sort out cancelling your policy and getting you a partial refund. Each insurance company has their own refund set up, and you’ll probably have to pay an administration fee.

    I've moved house, how can I change my details with Alfred?

    We’re sad to see you leave. Providing you haven’t had any claims, we can sort out cancelling your policy and getting you a partial refund. Each insurance company has their own refund set up, and you’ll probably have to pay an administration fee.

    Does my car insurance policy provide fully comprehensive cover in other GCC countries?

    We only work with companies who provide fully comprehensive cover in Oman. For other GCC countries, you should check your policy schedule, but it probably won’t unless you ask for it specifically.

    Can someone else drive my car?

    You should check your insurance cover – some of them have a named driver policy.

    I've lost my insurance certificate, can I get a new copy?

    Sure, get in touch with us and we’ll send you one straightaway.

    How can I find out how my claim is getting along?

    Alfred tries to make sure you’re constantly informed about your claim process, but feel free to ring our claims department any time.

    How fast can I expect my quotes?
    We realise that you are usually pushed for time when you come to us looking for car insurance. In fact, when we set up one of our main objectives was to save you a great deal of time and effort.
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    What can you expect to receive from us?
    As soon as you fill the car insurance form, we start working on your car insurance comparison. We try our best to individually negotiate each quote with the insurance companies to try and bring you the best deals.
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    How do we pay our rent?
    Let’s be honest about two things – our service is really free to you as the customer and that we’re not a not-for-profit entity.

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    How does our self-declaration of no claims work?

    Get your no claims discount now! And now it’s easier than before!
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    How do we choose our panel of insurance companies and products?
    Claims service – after all what’s the point of an insurance policy if it doesn’t work at the time ..

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    What are the benefits of having one insurance broker manage all my insurance?
    If you’re a big customer for us, we will be able to give you higher levels of flexibility and a more personalised level of service than that offered to our one-off consumer clients.

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    How do I successfully get a further discount from the car insurance quotes sent to me?
    We believe that our quote comparison service inherently ensures that you to get the best deals, especially since ….
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    How can my personal shopper help me?
    Your dedicated personal shopper will help you shop for your insurance,
    and make sure you’ve got the right cover..

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    How can I plan my finances?
    Expats in the UAE will find that there is no pension plan, no government funding for children’s education, no death compensation and no public healthcare…

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    What factors do insurers look at to compute my premium?
    Life insurance providers will look at many things when underwriting a policy especially for you..

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    Alfred's tips on living a healthy life!
    People often ask Alfred how he’s kept in such good shape for a man of his age. If we’re only going to live once, we should aim to live as long as we can…

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    Am I eligible for medical insurance?
    Medical insurance is very delicate. Naturally, the older the client is, the more likely he is to use the UAE’s medical services, and this is reflected in the cost. …

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