Alfred’s InsuranceMarket.ae is the brainchild of AFIA Insurance Brokerage Services L.L.C. Since our establishment in Dubai in 1995, we have devoted ourselves to bringing value to our customers. We pride ourselves on consistently achieving AFIA’s four pillars: Attractive price, Friendly service, Ideal security and Adequate cover. This is our story.


We are a team of 200+ capable insurance professionals that have come together to bring value to our customers by ensuring they are as secured as possible whilst also making sure they are saving time and money when purchasing insurance. AFIA has successfully served the needs of its insurance clients for more than two decades in the UAE. With AFIA, you will be in safe hands, working with a team of sincere and able individuals. We are proud of who we are and how we delight our customers.


AFIA was founded in 1995 by Mr Nandu Babur AIII, an insurance industry veteran who had been practicing insurance broking in the UAE since 1980. His son, Mr Avinash Babur ACII, came on board in 2010 and became CEO in 2012. He founded InsuranceMarket.ae in 2010 as a digital-first insurance service platform to reaffirm AFIA’s core values and continuing commitment to help our customers become secure whilst ensuring they save time and money when doing so.


AFIA has successfully served the needs of more than 200,000 clients since our inception. In this time, we have generated a substantial enough turnover to bend prices and the necessary experience to do the right thing. It is for this reason that Alfred is truly as dependable as he looks.


We are among the highest producing brokerages for most of the leading insurance companies in the UAE, including names like AXA, RSA, Orient, Tokio Marine and Noor Takaful. We believe in nurturing long-term relationships and our thorough as well as responsible efforts are exercised towards creating a win-win situation for our clients and our insurer partners. Our insurance companies are among the most secure in the marketplace and the client can be confident that the policies they buy genuinely cover the necessary risks.


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