Are you looking for a convenient and Sharia-compliant banking experience in the UAE? Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB) offers a wide range of accounts to suit your needs. Whether you’re a resident, expat, or business owner, this guide will walk you through the Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB) account opening process.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover the different types of DIB accounts available, the eligibility requirements for opening an account, the documents you’ll need to provide as well as the steps involved in opening an account.

Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB): An Overview

Founded in 1975, Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB) is the world’s first fully-fledged Islamic bank. Headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, it is the largest Islamic bank in the UAE and offers a comprehensive range of Sharia-compliant financial products and services.

Some of the products they offer include current and savings accounts, credit cards, personal and business finance, investments, wealth management, and more. DIB offers Islamic alternatives to traditional banking products, such as Murabaha financing, instead of conventional loans.

Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB) Account Opening Process

Step 1. Visit the Website and Click on ‘Open an Account

Visit the official website of Dubai Islamic Bank, and on the upper left section of the website, click on the Open an Account.

Step 2. Choose an Account

Just below the Open an Account option, proceed to ‘Choose an Account’. DIB offers a lot of products and services. Take a look at some of them below:


  • Al Islami Current Account
  • Al Islami 2-In-1 Account
  • Al Islami E-Savings Account
  • Al Islami Savings Account
  • Shaatir Savings Account
  • Johara Current Account
  • Johara Savings Account
  • Al Islami Payroll Account


  • DIB SHAMS Infinite Credit Card
  • DIB SHAMS Signature Credit Card
  • DIB SHAMS Platinum Credit Card
  • The Emirates Skywards DIB Infinite Credit Card
  • The Emirates Skywards DIB Signature Credit Card
  • The Emirates Skywards DIB Platinum Credit Card
  • Consumer Cashback Platinum Card
  • Consumer Cashback Reward Card
  • Prime Infinite Card
  • Prime Platinum Card
  • Prime Signature Card
  • Prime Classic and Gold Card
  • Infinite and Signature Debit Cards
  • Al Islami Classic Debit Card, and more.
  • Deposits
  • Auto Finance
  • Home Finance
  • Personal Finance
  • Branch Banking
DIB Online Banking

Step 3. Click on ‘Apply Now’

Once you have chosen the account of your choice, click on ‘Learn More’ and read through the details of that account. Once ready, click on ‘Click Here’. This can be found at the bottom left corner of the account information you choose.

Appy for DIB account
DIB Account Registration

Step 4. Apply for an Account using DIB Alt Mobile Banking (Applicable to new and existing DIB customers)

Open a new DIB Bank Account quickly and securely using DIB’s alt mobile app. Say goodbye to paperwork and branch visits, as you can now open an account in just minutes.
After clicking ‘Apply now’, you will be directed to the DIB Alt mobile bank. Once on the page, click on Download DIB alt Mobile App.

Step 5. Download the App

To download the Alt Mobile app to your smartphone, simply visit either the App Store or Google Play and scan the provided QR code.

DIB App Scanner

Step 6. Register

On the login screen, locate and tap the “Register” icon. You will be prompted to enter your Card and PIN details. Provide the required information accurately.

Verify the information to ensure accuracy after entering the Card and PIN details. Once verified, you will be directed to the login screen.

Note: Make sure your mobile number is updated with the bank and have either your debit card number and PIN, credit card number and PIN, or Murabaha account number. If your mobile number needs to be registered or you need the required documents, contact Phone Banking at +97146092222 or visit a branch for assistance.

Step 7. Open a Bank Account Directly Using the Website ( Al Islami E-Savings Account)

If you are a DIB customer and want to open an  Al Islami E-Savings Account, click this link to start.

Step 8. Fill In with your Personal Information

Enter the following information in the sheet.

  • Enter your First Name.
  • Enter your Last Name.
  • Enter your Company Name (if applicable).
  • Provide your Email Address.
  • Enter your Mobile Number.
  • Input your birthdate in the format DD / MM / YYYY.
  • Select your employment type. Choose one of the options: Salaried or Self-Employed.

Step 9. Specify your Monthly Income

Select the range that corresponds to your monthly earnings in AED (United Arab Emirates Dirham):

  • 3,000 – 15,000
  • 15,000 – 25,000
  • 25,000 – 50,000
  • 50,000 – 75,000
  • 75,000 or more

Step 10. Review the Mandatory fields

Ensure all fields marked with an asterisk (*) have been completed. Read the Terms and Conditions and check the box to indicate your agreement.

Step 11. Submit the Application

Click on the submit button to send your application for processing. Wait for confirmation from the bank representative to know the application details.


Take note that the minimum monthly salary for Cards is AED 5,000, while Personal Finance and Auto Finance require a minimum of AED 3,000.

Features and Benefits of DIB Accounts

Al Islami Current Account

With an opening balance of AED 3000, you’ll receive a globally recognized debit card and access to state-of-the-art services like electronic banking, mobile banking, and e-statements.

This account also simplifies bill payments, allowing you to pay for utilities, telecommunication services, government services, airlines, and even your EMAAR properties directly through your account.

Additionally, enjoy free monthly teller transactions and a free chequebook to manage your cash flow effectively. While the first six teller transactions are free each month, subsequent transactions incur a charge (AED 10.5 per transaction)

Al Islami 2-in-1 Account

The Al Islami 2-in-1 Account combines the ease of a current account with the potential earnings of a savings account, giving you a clear overview of your finances. Manage your money with online and mobile banking, free teller transactions (up to 6 per month), a free first chequebook, and a DIB Debit Card for daily withdrawals.

While the account offers the potential for profit, it’s important to be aware of the requirements. To earn profit, you need to maintain a minimum balance of AED 10,000 and limit withdrawals to 2 per month (across teller and electronic channels). Otherwise, your account will be treated like a standard current account with no profit earned.

Al Islami E-Savings Account

Enjoy the convenience and privacy of managing your savings online with the Al Islami E-Savings Account. This account allows you to start earning potential profits with an initial deposit of just AED 1,000.

To earn your potential profits, you’ll need to maintain a minimum balance of AED 1,000 and limit withdrawals to one per month. The profit is calculated based on the average monthly balance and is paid quarterly. However, if you fall below the minimum balance or make more than one withdrawal, you won’t earn any profit for that month.

This account is fully managed online, offering features like e-statements and online/mobile banking for complete convenience. You can even pay your bills directly through the account for utilities, telecommunications, and more. While cheque deposits are not available online, you can utilize the Cheque Deposit Machines located at any Dubai Islamic Bank branch.

Al Islami Savings Account

Grow your money with the Al Islami Savings Account, offering unlimited transactions and the potential for competitive returns in AED and other currencies.  To maximize your potential profits, you’ll need to maintain a minimum average balance of AED 3,000 per month. Similarly, the profit is calculated based on the average monthly balance and is paid quarterly. 

This account also boasts additional benefits:

  • Free account opening for minors (with parental/guardian consent).
  • Six free teller transactions per month, with additional transactions incurring a fee.
  • No additional charges if you maintain the minimum balance, link the account to an investment deposit, or hold other qualifying financing products from Dubai Islamic Bank.

Shaatir Savings Account

Introduce your children to the world of saving with the Shaatir Savings Account, designed specifically for young minds. 

The account boasts several benefits geared towards children:

  • No maintenance fees or minimum balance requirements.
  • 24-hour access to Phone Banking and Online Banking (with parental guidance).
  • A welcome pack and a special Shaatir Debit card with limited functionality (balance enquiries only).

To earn profit, the average monthly balance needs to be above AED 1,000 and there can only be one withdrawal per month (across teller and electronic channels). Otherwise, the account will be treated as a standard current account with no profit earned.

Johara Current Account

Manage your daily finances effortlessly with the Johara Current Account. This account offers easy access to your funds, wherever you are, along with convenient features to streamline your banking experience.  Open your account with an initial deposit of AED 3,000.

Here are some of its additional benefits:

  • Globally recognized debit card for easy access to your money.
  • State-of-the-art services like electronic banking, mobile banking, and e-statements.
  • Convenient bill payment options for utilities, telecommunications, and more.
  • Enjoy the first six teller transactions and a free chequebook.

Johara Savings Account

The Johara Savings Account is a savings account offered by Dubai Islamic Bank that allows you to earn profits on your savings. The profit rate is competitive and is paid quarterly based on the average monthly balance in your account. 

However, you won’t earn any profit for a month if the minimum balance falls below AED 1,000 or if you make more than one withdrawal transaction in that month.

The account comes with a number of benefits, including online and mobile banking access, free account opening for minors (with parental/guardian consent), and six free teller transactions per month. You can also enjoy additional benefits if you maintain a minimum average balance of AED 3,000 per month, link the account to an Investment Deposit, or use it as your repayment method for a financing product from Dubai Islamic Bank.

DIB Payroll Account 

The DIB Payroll Account is a service offered by Dubai Islamic Bank that provides benefits for both employers and employees. Employees can enjoy features like waived or reduced account fees, free debit cards and chequebooks (subject to minimum salary), access to salary advances, and special loan rates. 

Employers benefit from a dedicated representative, efficient and secure salary disbursement, reduced costs associated with cash handling, and streamlined salary management processes.

Feel free to contact:


Is there a cost for downloading the Alt mobile application?

No, downloading the Application is completely free of charge.

Can I use DIB alt mobile if I don’t have an alt online Username and Password?

If you don’t have an alt online Username and Password, you can still use DIB alt mobile. You can register using your card number and PIN through either DIB alt mobile or alt online.

What are the services available on the DIB alt mobile?

DIB alt mobile lets you manage finances, view accounts, cards, and investments, make payments, activate/block cards, transfer funds, and set saving goals.

Can non-UAE residents open bank accounts in Dubai?

Yes, non-residents of the UAE can open bank accounts in Dubai, but with some limitations. Typically, only savings accounts are available to non-residents, while current accounts are usually restricted to residents. Compared to resident accounts, non-resident accounts may also have limitations on banking features.

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