Welcome to a world where your credit card isn’t just a tool for spending but a gateway to a galaxy of benefits! Today, we’re diving into the Emirates NBD Amazon Credit Card Offers. Whether you’re a shopaholic, a savvy saver, or just looking for that extra bit of value in your financial tools, this card is your golden ticket!

Emirates NBD Credit Cards Amazon Exclusive Offer

With your Emirates NBD credit card, you can make shopping easier and more manageable. When you spend AED 500 or more, you can pay for your purchases over time without extra cost. You have two options: spread the cost over six months or take a bit longer with a 12-month plan. This 0% installment plan means you won’t pay additional charges for this service. It’s a helpful way to budget for bigger purchases, making them more affordable by dividing the cost into smaller, more manageable monthly payments. This offer gives you more financial flexibility while enjoying what you buy. 

Benefits of Having Emirates NBD Credit Card to Shop at Amazon

Shopping on Amazon with an Emirates NBD Credit Card can be a game changer for various aspects of your life, from business needs to family shopping and even in pursuit of a healthier lifestyle. Here’s a breakdown of the advantages:

Business Advantages:

  • Rewards on purchases: Earn points or cashback on business-related purchases, which can be incredibly beneficial for entrepreneurs or business managers.
    • Expense tracking: Simplifies managing business expenses with itemised statements, making tracking and categorising spending easier.
  • Family-friendly benefits:
    • Discounts on family products: Access special discounts on family essentials, including children’s items and household goods.
    • Flexible payment options: These options allow for easy budget management, like installment plans, helping families manage their finances better.
  • Healthy living:
    • Deals on health products: Avail discounts on health and wellness products, encouraging a healthier lifestyle.
    • Fitness & Wellness offers: Sometimes, there are exclusive offers on gym memberships or wellness apps, perfect for those prioritising health.
  • Learning & culture:
    • Educational material discounts: Great deals on books and educational materials, fostering a culture of learning.
    • Access to cultural events: Potential access or discounts to cultural events or museums, enriching your cultural experiences.
  • Looking good:
    • Fashion & beauty deals: Exclusive offers on fashion and beauty products, ideal for keeping up with the latest trends.
    • Personal care offers: Discounts on personal care items, helping you look and feel your best without overspending.

Emirates NBD Amazon Offers Credit Card Terms and Conditions

  • Small fee: To access this offer, There’s a small processing charge of AED 49.
  • 0% installment plan: If you’re buying something that costs AED 500 or more, you can pay for it over six months without any extra interest. This means you can spread the cost over half a year without paying more than the item’s price.
  • Where to use: This offer is valid only when you shop on the Merchant’s website. It’s a special deal for online shopping.
  • Important note about rewards: You might earn rewards or loyalty points when you buy something. But with this 0% installment plan, you won’t get those extra points. It’s a trade-off to consider.


In a nutshell, the Emirates NBD Amazon Membership Credit Card is more than just a payment method. It’s a lifestyle enhancer, a financial tool, and a security blanket all rolled into one. Whether shopping online, traveling the world, or enjoying a night out, this card adds value to every aspect of your life.

Ready to experience the magic? Visit Emirates NBD to apply for your card today and start enjoying these exclusive benefits!

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