Welcome to our friendly guide about Dubai Islamic Bank’s Swift Codes! Dubai Islamic Bank, or DIB, is a top bank in the United Arab Emirates, famous for its Islamic banking services. This guide will explain Swift Codes, which are important for international banking. We’ll give you a clear list of DIB’s Swift Codes and answer common questions to help you with your banking needs. Stay tuned for easy-to-understand and helpful information!

Understanding Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB)

Dubai Islamic Bank, founded in 1975, is a special kind of bank that follows the teachings of Islam in everything it does. Imagine it as a bank that helps you with your money and cares about your faith and values. What makes it unique is that it’s the very first Islamic bank to do this. It’s like taking the good things from the past and blending them with the latest technology and ideas we have today.

So, when you bank with Dubai Islamic Bank, you’re not just dealing with numbers and transactions; you’re also marketing with a bank that respects your beliefs and traditions. They’re like a bridge between old wisdom and modern convenience.

Dubai Islamic Bank is a great choice if you’re looking for a bank that aligns with your Islamic principles while also offering modern banking services. It combines the best of both worlds.

Swift Code: DUIBAEAD

A Swift or Bank Identifier Code (BIC) is a unique identifier used in international bank transactions. For Dubai Islamic Bank, the Swift Code is DUIBAEAD. This code is essential for transferring money across borders and ensures that transactions are processed swiftly and securely.

Table of Dubai Islamic Bank Swift Codes

Branch NameCityBranch CodeBranch AddressSwift Code
Dubai Islamic BankDubaiLCSDubai Islamic Bank, Dubai, United Arab EmiratesDUIBAEADLCS
Dubai Islamic BankDubaiDEODubai Islamic Bank, Dubai, United Arab EmiratesDUIBAEADDEO
Dubai Islamic BankDubaiTOSDubai Islamic Bank, Dubai, United Arab EmiratesDUIBAEADTOS

FAQs about Dubai Islamic Bank Swift Codes

What is a Swift Code?

A Swift Code is a standard Business Identifier Code (BIC) format. It uniquely identifies banks and financial institutions globally, which is crucial for international monetary transactions.

Why is the Swift Code Important?

It transfers money between banks, particularly for international wire transfers or SEPA payments, ensuring that transactions reach their intended destination securely and efficiently.

What is a Dubai Islamic Bank Swift Code?

Dubai Islamic Bank Swift Code is a unique identification code assigned to each branch. It comprises a combination of the country code, location code, branch code, and code status.

How can I find the Swift Code for my Dubai Islamic Bank branch?

You have two easy options:

  1. Visit Dubai Islamic Bank’s official website: The Swift Code for your chosen branch is usually available on their website.
  2. Check your monthly bank statement: You can also find the Swift Code mentioned on your monthly bank statement.

Is the Dubai Islamic Bank Swift Code the same for all branches?

The Dubai Islamic Bank Swift Code is the same for all its branches. However, you must add the specific branch code for your interest.

Are Dubai Islamic Bank BIC (Bank Identifier Code) and Swift Codes similar?

The Dubai Islamic Bank Swift and BIC codes are the same. They are used interchangeably to identify the bank’s branches for international transactions.


Understanding and using the correct Swift Code, like DUIBAEAD for Dubai Islamic Bank, is crucial for efficient and secure international money transfers. Whether you’re a business conducting global transactions or an individual sending money overseas, this information is vital for seamless banking operations.

Stay tuned for more updates on Dubai Islamic Bank and its services.

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