In today’s global village, sending and receiving money across borders is as common as ordering coffee. Whether you’re a business owner paying for international services, a family member supporting loved ones abroad, or an adventurer settling expenses in foreign lands, the process should be smooth and secure. That’s where the Emirates Islamic Bank’s SWIFT Code comes into play, acting as a key to unlock seamless international transactions. Let’s dive into the ultimate guide to understanding and using this crucial financial information.

Why Do You Need a SWIFT Code?

A SWIFT code, or Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication code, is like a digital address that banks use to send money across the globe safely and efficiently. Imagine you want to send a letter to a friend in another country; you need their exact address so the postman can stay visible. Similarly, when you send money to someone overseas, banks use the SWIFT code to ensure your money reaches the right bank. This code is unique to each bank and helps identify them globally, ensuring that your money doesn’t end up in the wrong place. It’s especially crucial for international transactions, whether paying for an overseas purchase, transferring money to family abroad, or conducting business with foreign partners. Without SWIFT codes, moving money across borders would be slower, less secure, and more complicated.

Emirates Islamic Bank’s SWIFT Code

For those banking with Emirates Islamic Bank, the SWIFT Code you need to know is MEBLAEAD. This code is your gateway to international transactions, ensuring your money navigates the complexities of global finance smoothly.

Reasons Why Use Emirates Islamic Bank’s SWIFT Code 

  • Security enhanced: The SWIFT code is crucial in safeguarding your transactions. By using it, every transaction you make is monitored closely. This vigilant oversight significantly lowers the chances of fraudulent activities threatening your money. It’s like having a personal security guard for your finances, always on the lookout to protect you from potential fraud.
  • Speedy transactions: When transferring money, time is often of the essence. With the SWIFT code, your money doesn’t just meander aimlessly; it zips through the financial networks to reach its intended destination swiftly. Most transfers are completed within a short window—often between 24 to 48 hours. It’s akin to sending your money on a high-speed train, ensuring it arrives quickly and efficiently.
  • Pinpoint accuracy: The banking world is vast and complex, with countless accounts where money could go astray. However, the SWIFT code is your financial compass, guiding your funds directly to the correct account. There’s no wandering off-path or taking unnecessary detours. This precision ensures that your money lands exactly where it’s supposed to be every time. 

How to Use Emirates Islamic Bank’s SWIFT Code

Using the SWIFT code for Emirates Islamic Bank is straightforward. You must provide this code to the involved parties, whether you’re sending or receiving money. Here’s a simple guide:

  1. Gather information: In addition to the SWIFT code (MEBLAEAD), collect the recipient’s account name, account number, and bank address. Emirates Islamic Bank’s address is Emirates Islamic Bank PJSC, P.O Box 6564, Dubai, UAE.
  2. Initiate the transaction: Contact your bank or use online banking services to start the transfer. Input the collected information accurately.
  3. Confirm and send: Double-check the details for accuracy and send your transaction to the banking network’s secure hands.

Benefits of Using Emirates Islamic Bank for International Transactions

  • Trust and security: Emirates Islamic Bank is renowned for its robust security measures, giving you peace of mind.
  • Efficiency: Fast processing times mean your transactions are completed without unnecessary delays.
  • Customer support: Access to dedicated support for any queries or issues arising during the process.

Tips for Smooth International Transactions

  • Double-check details: Ensure all information, especially the SWIFT code, is correct.
  • Be aware of fees: International transactions may incur fees. It’s wise to inquire about these beforehand.
  • Timing matters: Remember that international transactions can be affected by weekends and holidays in both the sending and receiving countries.


What is Emirates Islamic Bank’s MT103?

MT103 is a type of SWIFT message used for international money transfers. It provides detailed information such as the transfer’s date, amount, currency, sender, and recipient. If you expect a payment from abroad and wish to track its status, you can ask the sender to provide an MT103 form. This document, issued by the sender’s bank, will help you verify the transfer details.

What do the abbreviations “BEN,” “SHA,” and “OUR” mean in the context of international transfers?

When making an international transfer, the sender decides who pays the transaction fees, including charges by Emirates Islamic, correspondent banks, and the receiving bank. The options are:

  • BEN (Beneficiary pays): You cover all charges deducted from the transferred amount.
  • SHA (Shared): Both you and the sender split the charges.
  • OUR (Sender pays): The sender covers all fees, ensuring you receive the full amount without deductions.

What is the Emirates Islamic BIC code?

The BIC code is a unique identifier for a bank’s branch in international banking transactions. Emirates Islamic’s BIC (SWIFT) code combines the bank’s location, branch, country, and status codes to facilitate secure and efficient cross-border payments.

Where can I find my Emirates Islamic SWIFT code?

You can locate the Emirates Islamic SWIFT code on your bank statement or refer to the bank’s official documentation. This code is essential for receiving international payments, as it directs the funds to the correct bank and branch.


Diving into international transactions can seem daunting, but it’s within reached! Think of this as your friendly guide to confidently mastering global money transfers. A key piece of info you’ll need is the SWIFT code for Emirates Islamic Bank, which is MEBLAEAD. With this in hand, sending and receiving money across borders becomes smooth, secure, and straightforward.

Consider this guide your best buddy in international banking. It makes everything from business deals to planning your dream trip abroad a breeze. Whether you’re a business tycoon or a high school student gearing up for an adventure, you’ve got this! Armed with the right knowledge and tools, you’re all set to conquer the globe. Here’s to making international transactions as simple as sharing a pie. Happy banking!

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