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Extras and optional benefits

The relationship between you and your bike is much more personal than you and your car. Personalise your insurance too, the following are typical optional extras:

Circuit school day cover

Let us know if you plan to hone your driving skills at a recognised circuit school, then we can get your cover extended for that too.

Accessories cover

As a result of an accident, you can get reimbursement for any damage to your accessories. Make sure you keep them so we can get them inspected!

GCC Cover

Perhaps you like to take your bike into the other GCC countries on a road trip. Let us know, and we can get this covered for up to a month.

Agency repairs

If your bike is relatively new, get it restored back to factory standards in case of an accident.

Voluntary excess

If you're confident in your driving ability, why not increase the excess? This will bring your premium down.