It’s something we hope will never happen: a workplace accident with nasty consequences for an employee. Thank goodness we have Workmen’s Compensation Insurance!

But what does it cover? What does all that terminology mean, and are your staff members really protected if the worst happens? This guide tells you just where you stand – what’s covered and what’s not – the benefits and the flaws of the workmen’s compensation insurance system in the UAE and how to fill those gaps so that you can attract the talent you need to get a competitive edge.’s Guide to Workmen’s Compensation Insurance answers all your questions.’s Ultimate Guide to Workmen’s Compensation Insurance is yours FREE. Simply download it and get the information you need in a brief and easily understandable format.  We also offer a summary that puts it all in a nutshell – handy for guiding decision-making, presenting at meetings and passing on to employees during staff information sessions.

Should You Consider Group Life and Accidental Insurance?

The UAE is certainly in line with some of the most advanced countries in the world when it comes to Workmen’s Compensation Insurance. All the same, there are gaps – specifically related to death or injury outside the workplace.

There are also gaps in worker cover that would only apply under certain circumstances, for example, there are territorial limits to UAE Workmen’s Compensation Insurance that could be problematic for expat employees of UAE multinationals working in other countries.

However, there are some losses that Workmen’s compensation Insurance never covers. For Example, Under Workmen Compensation,  the death benefit is capped at AED 35,000 in line with the UAE Labor Laws. Whereas under Group Life and Personal Accident, you have the flexibility to choose the amount of cover you would like to have.

Our eBook Gives You the Facts. You Make the Decision.

It’s important that you and your employees should know what Workmen’s Compensation Insurance covers. Our eBook (and the handy summary) helps you and your staff to know where you stand. Now, you can make informed decisions regarding workplace insurance as well as additional coverage that you may choose to take out individually or as a group.

Because You Want to Do What’s Right for Your Employees?

Doing what’s right for the people who trust you with their livelihood is a big responsibility. Going the extra mile to show you care is a big motivation – but you can’t make the right decisions if you don’t make informed decisions, and that’s what our eBook is all about.

There’s no sales talk, no speculation, no nonsense. Just the basic facts you need to get a knowledgeable perspective.

Download Your FREE UAE Workmen’s Compensation Insurance Guide Now!

Knowing where you and your people stand is the first step towards ensuring a secure future for your employees. With the war for talent means that the best candidates can pick and choose between top jobs, getting the extra edge you need to recruit the best could begin with this eBook.

Valuable knowledge comes free – simply click to download.

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