Thinking of changing the type of car insurance you have or buying one with better coverage? Will both be working simultaneously? Find out below!

You may have bought “cheap” car insurance in a hurry when registering your vehicle and are looking for one that will fully protect you in any given scenario. Or you might have a couple of months left on your insurance policy but while researching you got a great deal on an insurance policy now! Would buying a new insurance policy be possible before the expiry of the current policy? Allow us to shed some light on that!

The Verdict: Possible or not?

Having two different insurance policies even of different kinds on the same vehicle is not possible in the UAE, for a couple of reasons. Most importantly, you should note that each emirate has a centralized traffic portal on which all car details are registered. Whenever a user buys insurance for a registered vehicle with an already valid insurance policy, the new policy details are added to the vehicle file on the traffic portal and the current one is automatically terminated by the activation of the new policy. So “big brother” knows and you can’t beat the system!

Second, you can’t insure the same item twice for the same circumstances, that’s a basic and fundamental principle of all insurance and motor insurance is no exception!

If you’re asking this question because you are planning on going away soon for a while and want to register and renew your car insurance ahead of time, our previous article will be of value to you: Can you renew a car insurance before the renewal date?

Important Things to consider

  • Buying car insurance ahead of time means automatically cancelling the existing car insurance. Insurance you have already bought for with hard-earned money. So always weigh up if this move is financially logical for your current situation and needs and whether it’s even possible. Some Insurers restrict early cancellation unless you are cancelling because the vehicle has been sold and there may be cancellation penalties to consider.
  • If increasing protection is your aim for buying a new car insurance policy it would be wise to call your current insurer and check if there are any add ons you can add to your current policy that would suffice for the time being and until your policy expires.
  • Use this situation as a learning experience to take your insurance purchasing decisions a little more seriously and not hurry through the process, or better contact an insurance comparison website with a dedicated personal shopper that would make insurance purchasing plain sailing! Luckily we know just the one 😉

Whether you have any more queries about switching from one insurance type to another; or if you want to acquire the best insurance deal for your budget; contact our insurance advisors at and they will go above and beyond to address all your concerns and offer you the best deals in the market. Why wait? Give them a try today!

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About Author

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