How to Arrange Finances for Car?

You’re looking to buy a new car, that’s fantastic! In the likely event you don’t have the cash to pay for it up front, you’ll probably be looking at some sort of finance method.

The first, key question is, where are you buying the car from? The second is, can you actually afford the payments?

If you’re looking at a new car, the likelihood is that the salesroom will be in a good position to help sort out the finance for you, along with insurance whilst you’re at it. The salesman will have his own prefered banks, and will probably be able to get you quite a good rate, but you should definitely ask your own bank first. After all, they know you well, they see how much money comes in to and out of your account every month. The salesmen often have back-hand deals with banks and large insurance companies, so they’re likely to do very well off selling you a car with finance and insurance. And they’re likely to load too, so be wary of that.

However, this will differ from showroom to showroom. In the Al Tayer showroom along Sheikh Zayed Road, for example, there are four different insurance companies ready for you right there. 4×4 motors is probably the largest second hand dealer in the Dubai area, and from our experience have preferential deals with banks.

The difficulty for some in the UAE is the approval time, especially if you’re finding it difficult to get finance generally. Often you’ll be itching to get your new car on the road, but you’ll have to wait for the bank to sort everything out, which can take up to two-three days. Cururrently, there are a few finance providers like Dunia who can provide approvals inside half an hour.

Of course, check the rate. And if you haven’t got a residency visa yet, stop reading this and go get that sorted out first!