In a hurry to renew your car’s registration on the weekend? Wondering if it’s possible to purchase car insurance on a Friday or Saturday? Find out below!

Whether the weekends are the only free time slots you have to renew your car insurance or if you have postponed renewing your car registration till the last possible minute, you’ve found yourself now needing to purchase car insurance on a Friday or Saturday. But is this really a “mission impossible” scenario? Allow us to try and clear things up!

Is there a weekend cover in the UAE?

As this is somewhat of an “emergency”, you might be under pressure and therefore thinking of a “quick fix solution”! The first idea that may have come to mind is whether there is a possibility to purchase a temporary cover, or what is known in other countries as a “weekend” cover. Unfortunately, short term insurance plans are not generally offered in the UAE as of now and even if they were available, it might not be a very financially logical option anyway for reasons explained in another one of our blogs: Temporary Car Insurance: Can you buy temporary or short-term car insurance? So this option is a “no-no”!

Car Insurance Companies: open or closed on the weekends?

Of course, a rule of thumb answer is not possible in this situation as it is not possible to talk on behalf of each car insurance provider or seller in the UAE. In addition, even if a car insurance company or provider is open on a Saturday or Friday it does not necessarily mean they will issue new policies on the weekend.

We’d always advise a little planning ahead to save you the hassle of contacting different car insurance companies or providers to check if they will help you on a weekend; anyway, aren’t weekends for fun?!.  However, if you are faced with a Friday “insurance issue”  we might know of a quick and magical solution for the conundrum you find yourself in!

Buying car Insurance on a weekend: mission made possible by

Of course, you might like to research through each individual car insurance Call Centre or website to know if you can have your insurance policy issued on a weekend. But why do that? You can make life much easier by reaching our insurance advisors at who are there to help you through the website and over the phone from Saturday till Thursday.

Of course, we didn’t forget about Fridays! Our “Speed Team” is there to help you on Fridays too and a simple, quick phone call to our team of friendly advisors will ensure your “weekend” insurance purchasing experience is hassle-free! Happy motoring!

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