Read the blog below to find out what commercial car insurance is and who needs to buy one!

If you are self-employed or starting a new small company, you may have been advised to get commercial car insurance for your vehicle instead of a personal one. Or perhaps you’re just curious as to the difference in cover. Either way, this blog should help you understand the coverage offered by this type of policy!

Defining Commercial Car Insurance

Commercial Car Insurance is an insurance policy that protects one or multiple cars owned by the same individual or organisation and used in connection with the owner’s business activities, as well as their commuting and pleasure risks. When the policy is covering multiple vehicles, it is often referred to as “Motor Fleet” insurance.

If you’re a small business owner and own a couple of company cars, as well as your personal car that you use for business purposes, you might be advised to get a Commercial Car Insurance policy to cover all three cars as this is often a much more convenient and cost-effective way of covering them.

Why Is Commercial or Motor Fleet Car Insurance advisable

There are many reasons why having a Motor Fleet Car Insurance or Commercial Car Insurance is beneficial and we will list the most noteworthy ones below:

  • Easier management of your cars’ insurance renewal process, with 1 single policy for all your cars: allowing you to renew all of your car insurance policies at a unified timeline.
  • It allows you to save more money by offering you better rates and terms based on your fleet size instead of each individual vehicle.
  • Can include other types of vehicles you may need to use for your business activities (vans, trucks, etc).

Should you get a Commercial Car Insurance/ Motor Fleet Insurance?

Before we weigh in with our thoughts it’s important to remind you that in the insurance universe there aren’t any blacks or whites, but different shades of grey. Therefore before any advice could be given, a genuine assessment or evaluation for your circumstances or needs must be considered.

What we can confidently advise you to do, however, is to get in touch with an insurance provider that will help you make a decision after going through the specifics of your own situation. We may know just the place you should reach out to!

At we have an extensive team of experienced insurance advisors who are willing to go the extra mile to make sure all of your queries are attended to and all of your insurance needs are addressed with a policy that offers you the best value of your money. Why wait? Give them a try today!

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