Though highly unlikely you might need it, check out if you have a cover to protect you against riots!

What an interesting and uncommon question might we say, and surely such a unique question won’t have a direct answer. But hopefully by the end of this article, you’ll have a clearer understanding of this cover.

Riots are a part of cover called SRCC

Riots, in the insurance world, are a part of coverage called SRCC: Strikes, Riots, and Civil Commotion. All of these terms share the same concept of public disturbance, which usually involves acts of violence being committed by a group of at least 3 people (the definition criteria may vary according to the terms of each policy). The main difference between the classification of strikes, riots, and civil commotion is the number of people involved.

Most common scenario in the UAE

Reverting to the main question, the most common case for SRCC cover in the UAE is that it’s often included within many Gold/Higher-Tier comprehensive insurance policies and in some cases, even standard comprehensive insurance policies. Needless to say, most TPL (Third Party Liability) policies rarely ever offer the option to add this cover to your policy.

How essential is it to buy this cover

Having discussed the cover in more depth, the question now should be , “is this cover a real necessity in the UAE?” Let’s look at the statistics. With Abu Dhabi and Dubai ranking among the safest cities in the world in an annual study conducted by global research website Numbeo, we would offer the answer of no! After all, Abu Dhabi ranked 1st for The Safest City in the world twice, and Dubai 6th! And most residents of the UAE would probably agree with us as a recent study revealed that 96.1 per cent of UAE residents feel safe to walk outdoors at night, placing the UAE as the safest country in the world in that study!

In general, our view is you shouldn’t look too much into this if the policy you intend to buy doesn’t offer it; unless of course you think it is necessary for your peace of mind. For a comprehensive car insurance policy tailored to your needs, or to ask any further questions, our expert advisors at are eager to assist you.


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