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You may have found the perfect deal on a car you eyed for so long. The only problem is you haven’t yet obtained your driving licence and want to know if you can buy the car and keep it parked until the exciting moment of getting your UAE driving licence.

It is important to note that, although some car sellers may agree to delay selling the car or keep it reserved for you (perhaps against a deposit fee) that might not always be the case. So now you’re wondering if you can buy the car and get it insured ahead of time from getting the driving licence.

The Verdict: Possible or not?

To buy and register a vehicle in the UAE, you are required to have a few important documents: one of which is valid car insurance for the vehicle you intend to purchase. And to answer your question: you will not be able to buy insurance without a driving licence, since the UAE law mandates having a valid driving licence to buy car insurance.

Other ways to go about it

But that, however, does not necessarily mean you have to miss the deal you want to capture. One more option you might be interested in is having a family member register the car under their name and have a comprehensive insurance policy that fully covers family drivers of the vehicle. Or simply transfer the registration of the vehicle at a later date once you have your driving licence. The important thing is to always do things legally and correctly.

To know more about insurance solutions that might help you get the car you wanted but in a slightly different way, and to find out more about comprehensive insurance plans that cover family or friends driving the vehicle, reach out to our expert insurance advisors at InsuranceMarket.ae. They are always delighted to help!  So after getting your driving license, you are planning to buy a car then don’t forget to check the latest car reviews from YallaMotor.

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