How can I claim for a car accident if it happens/happened in Abu Dhabi?

We get how annoying it is to be out and about in a different emirate, enjoying a road trip with the family, or having a staycation with friends in a different city for the weekend, only to have it all shattered by a car accident! The first thing to do is of course make sure everyone is safe and there are no serious injuries. Now let’s get to what you need to do afterwards.

The Police report

The do’s and don’ts after an accident in Abu Dhabi aren’t any different from any other emirate. First, you need to follow the basic steps of calling the police to have a report of the accident created, highlighting which party is at fault, and keeping a copy of the report aside for your insurance provider.

Contacting your insurer

Once you have completed the process of the Police report, and assuming that your car is in a roadworthy condition, we would advise you to call your insurance provider immediately and report the incident. You should check with them if you need to initiate the claim right away or if the process would wait a couple of days. Most insurance providers have a set process regarding claims reporting, completion of a claim form, and evaluating the car condition within a short period of time after any accidents and failure to comply could result in your claim being delayed or denied so we recommend contacting us at for guidance on what applies to your Policy

Proceeding as advised

Once you get in touch with your insurance provider you can put your mind to ease after having figured out the next steps to take. Of course, if you have any other concerns when it comes to car insurance, our expert team of insurance advisors are always willing to go above and beyond to leave no questions of yours unanswered. Give us a try today!

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