The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) introduced Salik Dubai. It reduces the traffic and makes the flow of cars on the roads smoother. It also promotes people to use public transportation. Thus, they can travel to different parts of the Emirate efficiently. But Salik is about something other than making it easier for cars to move around.

Understanding Salik

Understanding Salik

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Salik is a system in Dubai that allows drivers to pay for using certain roads. It uses a unique tag called the Salik tag, which you stick on your car’s windshield. The tag automatically deducts the payment when you drive through certain toll gates. It’s a magical way of paying without stopping and handing over money.

Checking your Salik Balance

To make sure Salik keeps working correctly, it’s essential to keep your Salik tag charged up. This means making enough money in your Salik account to cover the toll fees. You might need help driving through the toll gates if you need more money. If you don’t have enough balance, a corresponding fine will be handed over to you. 

Before you recharge your Salik tag, check how much money you have left in your account. You can do this by visiting the official Salik website or using their mobile app. You can also call the Salik customer service helpline to ask about your balance. This way, you can decide whether to recharge and plan accordingly.

The RTA has made it easy to recharge your Salik tag. They offer different online and offline methods, so you can choose what works best for you. Their thorough guide provides all the details you need to know. Furthermore, it’s all about ensuring you have a hassle-free driving experience. 

So, with Salik Dubai, you can drive on certain roads and pay without stopping. Remember to keep your Salik tag charged and check your balance before recharging. That way, you can enjoy a stress-free and convenient journey around Dubai.

Recharging your Salik Tag

Recharge Salik tag

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You have different easy ways to choose from to add money to your Salik tag. Before recharging, you must check how much money you have left in your Salik account. If it’s less than what you need, you should focus on recharging it using the methods we will talk about below.

There are many ways to recharge your Salik account in Dubai, with different payment options. Here are some of them:

  • Salik Helpline: You can call the Salik helpline for assistance.
  • SMS: You can recharge your Salik account by sending a text message. Here’s how you can recharge your Salik account with just a few simple steps:
  1. Start by scratching off the film to reveal the 12-digit recharge number.
  1. Compose a message with the following format: R [space] 12-digit number [space] Salik account number [space] Salik PIN.
  1. Send the message to the number 5959.
  1. Once your recharge is successful, you’ll receive a confirmation message, along with the updated balance of your Salik account.
  • Salik Kiosks: These are machines where you can add money to your account.
  • Cash Deposit Machines (CDM): These machines allow you to deposit cash and recharge your account.
  • Banks and ATMs: You can use your bank or ATM to recharge your Salik account.
  • Smart Salik App, RTA Dubai Drive App, and Dubai Now Smart App: These apps on your phone can help you recharge quickly.

Choose the easiest and most convenient way for you and follow the instructions to successfully add money to your Salik account.

One way to recharge your Salik account is by using a recharge card. These cards come in different amounts, like AED 50, AED 100, and AED 200. And you can buy them easily. Once you have a recharge card, you can add money to your Salik account by sending a text message, making a phone call, or using the official Salik website.

Using a recharge card is an excellent option because it makes it easy to add money to your Salik account and manage your toll payments conveniently. You can track how much money you have and pick the right recharge card for your needs.

Recharge your Salik in Dubai via Phone Call

If you want to add money to your Salik account using a recharge card, follow these simple steps.

  1. Scratch off the protective film on the back of the card to reveal a secret 12-digit number. 
  1. Call the Salik customer care service by dialing 800-SALIK (72545).
  1. Choose the language you prefer from the options given. 
  1. Enter the 12-digit number as told by the automated system. If everything goes well, you will get a message confirming that your account has been topped up, and it will also show your new balance on your phone. 

Remember, you can call the Salik helpline anytime you need help because they are available 24/7. It’s easy to stay connected with Salik and track your account balance using the recharge card system.

Recharge your Salik via a Salik Self-serving machine/Kiosks

Salik self-service machines are placed in six different areas of Dubai: 

  • Deira
  • Al Aweer
  • Al Barsha
  • Al Towar, Al Kifaf
  • Umm Ramool

You can navigate the exact location through the RTA Smart Drive App (iOS | Android).

Once you are at the kiosk, here is what you need to do: 

  1. Log in and use your registered email address and password 
  1. Click the Recharge tab
  1. Add the balance to your account in cash
  1. Your Salik account will be credited once the recharge process is successful 

Recharge your Salik through Bank

Dubai banks provide a range of convenient recharge channels to cater to Salik customers. These channels include ATM, SMS, mobile banking, IVR (Interactive Voice Response), and CDM (Cash Deposit Machine). 

Additionally, some banks offer the option of auto top-ups for Salik accounts. To avail of this service, kindly confirm with your bank whether they provide auto top-up functionality. These bank services aim to enhance your Salik experience by providing multiple recharge options and the potential for automated balance top-ups.

To recharge your Salik account, you can use various channels provided by different banks. Take a look at the bank names and their respective channels:

  • ADCB: You can recharge through IVR (Interactive Voice Response), web, and mobile banking.
  • Commercial Bank Of Dubai: Recharge using IVR, web, and SMS.
  • Dubai Islamic Bank: IVR, web, SMS, CDM (Cash Deposit Machine), Kiosk, and mobile banking options are available.
  • FAB (First Abu Dhabi Bank): Recharge through IVR, web, ATM, CDM, Kiosk, and in-branch services.
  • Emirates NBD: IVR, web, and SMS channels are available.
  • Sharjah Islamic Bank: Recharge using IVR, web, SMS, and ATM facilities.
  • Standard Chartered: IVR, mobile banking, and web options are available.
  • Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank: Recharge through IVR, web, ATM, CDM, Kiosk, and in-branch services.
  • Mashreq Bank: IVR, web, ATM, CDM, and mobile banking channels can be used.
  • Al Hilal Bank: IVR, web, mobile banking, ATM, CDM, and in-branch facilities are provided.
  • Rak Bank: Recharge using IVR, web, and ATM services.
  • Barclays Bank: IVR, mobile banking, and web channels are available.
  • Sharjah Islamic Bank: Recharge through IVR, web, mobile banking, and ATM services.
  • Ajman Bank: IVR, web, and mobile banking options are provided.
  • United Arab Bank: Recharge using IVR, web, ATM, and mobile banking services.
  • Citi Bank: IVR, web, ATM, and CDM channels are available.

Choose the bank that suits you best and use their channels to recharge your Salik account conveniently.

Recharge your Salik via Online

In Dubai, you have two easy ways to recharge your Salik account online. You can either use the Salik website or special mobile apps. You can use three apps:

  • The Salik Smart Mobile App
  • The RTA Dubai Drive App
  • The Dubai Now Smart App. 

These apps are designed to be easy for you to use. You can add money to your Salik account using these apps whenever you want, no matter where you are. It’s all about making it convenient for you, so you can easily keep your Salik account updated and ready to use. Just a few taps on your phone, and you’re good to go!

Final Thoughts

Following the fundamental steps outlined in this guide, you can quickly recharge your Salik tag and ensure uninterrupted access to Dubai’s toll roads. Remember to stay informed about your Salik balance, take advantage of the auto-recharge feature, and keep your tag in good condition for a hassle-free travel experience in the vibrant city of Dubai.

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