Last updated May 12, 2023 | Car Insurance | Rachel Al Mughairi
renew car registration in Dubai

It seems there’s a digital solution for most things in Dubai these days and thankfully renewing your car’s vehicle registration is no exception. So, whilst you might still prefer to go to the RTA’s office personally, others may choose the convenience of going online to complete the process and thanks to the Dubai government’s Smart City Initiative, the process is a simple and speedy one. 

Read on to reveal the secrets of how you can renew your car registration online in the UAE.

How do I Get Online to Renew Car Registration?

There are a series of steps that you need to take to renew car registration online, with the most obvious one being accessing the right place on the internet. Visit the RTA’s website and go to the relevant page (we’ve saved you sometime by putting the direct link here for you to access)

The process is nicely explained here in the form of a series of easy-to-follow flowcharts, that will help to guide you through each step.

But before you even do that, we suggest following the steps outlined below: they’re necessary, as failure to complete them could result in your registration renewal being delayed or rejected:

Step One: Renew Your Car Insurance.
Make sure that you renew your car insurance before you start the car registration renewal process as there is an RTA condition that your car insurance should be valid for twelve months in order to process your registration renewal. Once your insurance has been renewed, the RTA website will be updated shortly thereafter so it makes sense to attend to your insurance first.  

Step Two: Deal With Any Debts Like Traffic Fines.

It’s critical to comply and manage any misdemeanors that may have occurred throughout the year as they will be on the RTA’s files. Once you’ve logged into the RTA’s portal, you’ll be able to access any outstanding matters associated with your vehicle by entering the registration details. If you have any black points or fines, you’ll need to attend to these right away, and payment can be made either through the RTA app or in person at any Vehicle Registration Centre. 

Step Three: Complete Your Car Test. 

In order to obtain a vehicle registration renewal, you must demonstrate to the RTA that is has been approved for driving on the road. This means that if your vehicle is older than three years old, you must have it tested at an approved RTA center, following which you’ll be given a certificate and the result of the test uploaded online to the RTA’s site.

How To Renew Car Registration Online

Assuming the steps outlined have been completed, you can start the car registration renewal process. Here is a complete procedure in a few easy steps:

  • Step One: Visit the RTA website or download their app for Apple/Android
    Open the official website or downloaded authorized app and navigate to the RTA Services Section.
    Top Tip: why not just click on our link shared in this blog!
  • Step Two: Log-In and complete the necessary details to start the process
    If you’ve used the site or app before, you should already have a username and password.
    Use these to log-in. Alternatively, if you’re a first-time user, you’ll need to register: do so as an individual and you’ll be able to access using single sign-on.

    Once you’ve logged-in, select the following path:
      My Vehicles
      Renew Car
    and then infill the required information such as vehicle registration number, registered name, mobile number, and anything else requested on the form.

  • Step Three: Receive Your Registration Card
    As soon as you’ve supplied the system with the required details, you’ll see a summary of
    your input on a confirmation screen, which will then ask you to confirm how you’d like to receive your Registration Card. According to what you selected, your card will usually be delivered to you within five working days.

How Much Does It Cost to Renew Car Registration?

If you decide to renew your car registration online you’ll need to pay a fee of around AED380 (correct as at December 2022) and a courier fee of AED25 to have the registration card delivered to you.

What Happens If My Car Registration Expires Before I Complete The Renewal Process?

In the event your vehicle registration expires before you have a chance to complete the renewal process, don’t worry. The RTA gives you a grace period of 30 days to allow you to finalize without penalties. Run over this, however, and the RTA may charge you a penalty fine and impound your vehicle for up to seven days.