How to make a claim for “own damage” under a car insurance policy?

The key question is whether you have a Comprehensive or Third-Party Liability insurance policy. With a Comprehensive insurance policy, you can only claim for your own damages when you’re at fault. With Third-Party Liability insurance, you are ineligible to claim for your own damages irrespective of fault as it only provides cover for your liability to others in respect of the damage you cause to their vehicles or property. To know more specifics about the difference between the two types we recommend checking our previous blog: Should I purchase comprehensive or third party car insurance?

If you are not at fault

Assuming you’re not at fault, you will need to have a copy of the accident report issued by the police, stating that you’re not the party at fault. And provide your insurance provider with the report as they will instigate a claim against the other party’s insurance on your behalf or tell you alternative steps you need to make first!

If the accident was your own doing

However, if you’re the party at fault, and have Comprehensive car insurance, you can still claim for your own damages and pay for the damages of the other party as well. The process is relatively similar and simple: you’ll need to supply the police report to your insurance provider and discuss the next steps in making a claim. Once your insurer has considered the details of the claim they will ask for estimates of repair to fix your vehicle or may offer you a settlement figure if your vehicle is damaged beyond repair. . Keep in mind that the insurance company will want to minimise their outlay so if you are unhappy with a garage they have suggested to undertake the repairs, or a settlement they have offered in respect of a total loss claim, you should discuss your concerns with them or call us on our Toll-free number 800 ALFRED or visit for assistance.

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