Is the cost of hiring a rental car after an accident covered uder insurance?

You probably heard a friend talking about getting a hire car for the period in which his car got repaired, and that his insurance took care of it. And while that would be true, this isn’t always the case as there is a little more to it than a simple yes or no. So let us tackle the question and explain how and when your car insurance will provide you with a rental car.

What type of insurance is it offered with?

Initially, it is important to note that a rental, or a replacement car, would only be offered if you have comprehensive insurance and not Third-party liability. (Click to read our previous blog: Should I purchase comprehensive or third party car insurance?) and it’s even more important to note that a replacement car is not a default benefit of every comprehensive plan.

A very popular add-on in the UAE

A replacement or hire car cover is an optional add-on to Comprehensive car insurance plans. For a relatively small amount of money, it will help you stay mobile by providing a replacement car if yours was in an accident or got stolen. And it seems that many people see the value of such an optional extension of cover, as it proved to be the most popular car insurance add-on for UAE drivers.

Should you buy this cover?

Whether or not you should pay to get this benefit shouldn’t be much of a decision since it is relatively well-priced, and it’s an extra layer of safety for you against the unexpected. Paying a little bit extra can save you having to pay a lot! If you want to know more about the different optional add-ons you can add to your insurance plan, contact our friendly insurance advisors at they are always delighted to help!

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