The city of Dubai is a bustling metropolis with a thriving economy that’s ever growing and as a result of this, we can also see more people commuting. We can see this in the traffic levels on the roads of Dubai which are at a peak level as well. While this can be frustrating for some commuters, this is considered to be a sign of a healthy economy. However, the increased traffic can also have an impact on other areas, such as less time to do other activities like shopping around for reliable car insurance.

With more time spent on the road commuting, people may find that they have less time to shop around for car insurance. This can lead to them opting for a trusted brand rather than spending time comparing different policies and providers in the market. This may also mean that they miss out on some savings, and that they are more likely to choose a provider that they know they can rely on.

It is important to note that while shopping around for car insurance can be time-consuming, it is still important to do so, as choosing a reliable option can help save hundreds of Dirhams at the time of a claim. When you compare the different options, providers, quotations and policies, you can be assured that you are getting the best deal as per your requirements. However, if you find that you are short on time, opting for a trusted brand may be the best option.

While the increased traffic may impact the car insurance market in terms of claims, this being a sign of a healthy economy is important to remember. As more people are now commuting to work and travel around the city, businesses are thriving and the economy is growing. This is a positive thing for the city, its residents, and as the CEO of, I take this positively rather than getting frustrated.

In conclusion, the increased traffic in Dubai may mean that people have less time to shop around for car insurance, however, it also means that the economy is doing well. Opting for a trusted brand may be the best option for anyone who is short on time as they know that they are getting the best value deal anyone can find. However, it is still important to compare all the different quotations and options to ensure that you are getting the best value deal as required.

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