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Having your car break down while on your way to an important meeting or during a well-deserved outing time with the family is troubling for sure, and will cause significant inconvenience getting the situation resolved. If you’ve been through this before you’ll know what to do albeit frustrating, but if this is your first time, perhaps you’ll need to call a friend for some assistance and/or guidance or a tow truck to get the car collected and taken to a garage after having ensured your family are safely on their way back home in another mode of transport!

What’s the type of your insurance?

Somewhere amongst all those “to do” questions, the thought pops-up: will my insurance cover this? Well, you’ll need to check whether your insurance policy is Comprehensive or Third-Party Liability. In case you would like more insight on the difference between the two types please check our blog: Should I purchase comprehensive or third-party car insurance?

How would the insurance help?

If your insurance policy is  Comprehensive, then you may be in luck as many Insurers offer Roadside Assistance as an added-value benefit. Or of course, you might have been sensible in the first place and added the cover to your policy as an extension for which you paid a small additional premium. Either way, if you have this cover Insurers will generally cover the costs of the breakdown truck call-out to your location and for any repairs they make at the roadside to get you mobile again. If they can’t fix the vehicle then they will take the vehicle to the nearest approved repair garage.

We’d always advise that you check the nature of your insurance first before calling anyone so that you can get the reassurance you need and the advice on how to proceed. Have your insurance provider’s number saved in your mobile device alongside a note of your policy number and this should be a quick and easy process.

Using this opportunity to rethink your insurance

As annoying as this situation may be, it would be much easier to deal with if you have a Comprehensive insurance policy with adequate cover to protect you against such incidents from the beginning. This is why you should choose next time you’re shopping for insurance: we’ll help you find the best cover for your budget and make buying car insurance plain sailing from here on.

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About Author

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