Know everything there is to know on “No Claims Bonus” in the blog below!

Were you recently asked for a proof of no claims for the past year or more when renewing your insurance? Did the insurance agent or broker help you understand what a “No Claims Bonus” is? Allow us to help explain it in a simpler manner!

Defining No Claims Bonus

No Claims Bonus is awarded to drivers who complete a year or more without making any claims on their insurance policies. It’s a reward system where your insurance will typically give you a discount on your policy for every claim-free year. The higher the number of claim-free years, the higher the discount percentage! It is the insurers’ way of rewarding safe and cautious drivers!

What are the rules when it comes to “No Claims Bonus”

The rules surrounding the No Claim Bonus are there to make sure that every safe driver gets rewarded for their cautious and responsible attitude. There are a number of tips that are important to know when it comes to No Claims Bonus.

  • Your No Claims Bonus is valid even if you switch insurance providers! All you need to do is ask your current insurance provider for a No Claims Certificate/No Claims Bonus Proof and share it with your new insurance provider.
  • With each year you complete claims-free, the discount percentage gets higher! Driving safely and accruing No Claims Bonus is the most solid way to save on car insurance!
  • If you get into an accident where you’re found to be not at fault, your No Claims Bonus usually won’t be affected, and you will get a No Claim Certificate at the end of that year.
  • If you buy a second car, many Insurers allow you to use your No Claims Bonus on both cars and get discounts on their policies! Always ask about this when insuring an additional vehicle to check your Insurer offers this valuable discount!

Still have some concerns on No Claims Bonus? Or want to know the discount percentage you’re entitled to for the number of claim-free years you have? Contact our insurance advisors at and they will gladly answer all your enquiries. Happy Motoring!
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