Wouldn’t life be so much easier if your insurance paid for your car cracked windscreen? Find out if it will in this blog!

Type of your insurance: Comprehensive vs. Third-Party Liability

As with almost all insurance matters, the first thing to consider is the type of your insurance, for example, is it Comprehensive or Third-Party Liability. If you are not sure about the main differences between the two, our previous blog might be of interest to you: Should I purchase comprehensive or third party car insurance?

Now to the matter in hand, in order for your insurance to cover windscreen damage, you need to have Comprehensive insurance with windscreen damage cover. So you will need to revert back to your insurance policy to check if it includes this cover. Or call us at InsuranceMarket.ae if you’re one of our customers and we can check your policy for you.

What is the windscreen cover?

Windscreen cover is often built-in with Comprehensive insurance policies and protects you when damage occurs to your windscreen: paying for fixing or replacing it up to a certain limit. Although it’s often included in most Comprehensive policies, sometimes it’s not, so you need to carefully check if your current policy includes this cover or if you want to include it in your next insurance policy.

How do you utilize your windscreen cover?

If you have a broken or cracked windscreen, and your insurance policy was Comprehensive with a windscreen cover included, you might wonder how it will exactly work? Well, in order for your insurance to pay for fixing or replacing your windscreen, you will have to make a claim which in turn means you will need to pay an excess. If you are not sure what excess means, check our previous blog: What is the meaning of an excess?.

Of course, paying the excess applicable might prove more costly than paying out of your own pocket to fix the windscreen. You should also check with your insurance company whether your no claims record will be affected: generally, this is not the case with windscreen claims but it is worthwhile checking so you don’t pay a higher premium next year! So you might want to call a couple of garages and ask them for a quote first just to compare the costs of repair versus the costs of claiming.

Of course, if you have any insurance queries, there’s an easier way to find the answers you need.  Our highly knowledgeable team of insurance advisors at InsuranceMarket.ae are always delighted to help! Give them a try today! Also check the YallaMotor for the variety it offers with over 30,000 used cars to choose from in the UAE

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