The ever-evolving insurance industry is a dynamic space that continually faces numerous challenges and opportunities. Over the years, we have witnessed significant shifts in how the sector operates, predominantly fueled by changing consumer behavior, advancements in technology, and regulatory landscapes. 

While the industry is perpetually in flux, the core remains the same: the quest for providing excellent service to customers while ensuring sustainability and growth for businesses.

Early Beginnings and Strategic Thinking

From a young age, I have been innately drawn to strategic thinking and decision-making. There was always a pull towards professions where one could meticulously plan, and in doing so, help others. This inclination led me into the labyrinthine but ever-rewarding world of insurance. 

More than a business, it presented itself as a platform for creating real value for people by filling market gaps. It was an opportunity to introduce methodologies that could change the status quo and simplify the complex insurance landscape.

The “Aha” Moment and

Recognizing the numerous inefficiencies in the industry—particularly the complications and anxieties many faced when attempting to purchase insurance—I knew something had to be done. 

Thus, was born, aiming to revolutionize the way people and businesses approach insurance purchases. The focus was not just to offer diverse coverage options, but to provide personalized, consultative services through dedicated insurance advisors and claims managers. 

And let’s not forget the introduction of the UAE’s best super app, myAlfred, enhancing customer experience manifold.

Learning From Challenges

But the journey was not without its challenges, from establishing the business to steering it towards growth. These hurdles could not be perceived as setbacks but as stepping stones to a more refined and resilient business model. The greatest lessons came from the most authentic source—our customers. Direct interactions and feedback have been pivotal in fine-tuning our offerings, and for that, I’m immensely grateful to our esteemed client base for their indispensable role in our evolution.

Overcoming Underestimation as a Young Entrepreneur

As a relatively young entrepreneur into a mature industry, skepticism was an uninvited companion. However, this doubt served as an unexpected motivator. The drive to prove that age is merely a number, and certainly not an indicator of capability or success, fueled my determination. In the end, it’s not about the years in your life but the life in your years that counts.

My Insights and Solutions

The challenges that insurance companies face today—ranging from digitization, data management to personalization—are not isolated issues but interrelated facets of a complex ecosystem. The solution lies not just in tackling them one by one, but in orchestrating a cohesive strategy that addresses the root causes.

  • Customer focus: The key to long-term success lies in understanding and meeting customer needs. Active feedback loops for continuous improvement are vital.
  • Stand out: In an increasingly crowded marketplace, what makes you unique is your biggest asset. Whether it’s exceptional service or groundbreaking solutions, differentiation is the way forward.
  • Diversification: In these uncertain times, putting all eggs in one basket is not just risky; it’s a ticking time bomb. Diversification helps build resilience.
  • Risk management: The very essence of our industry revolves around mitigating risks. The same applies to business practices as well.
  • Sustainability: Rapid growth is desirable, but steady, sustained growth is invaluable. Long-term planning and sustainable practices are the cornerstones of enduring success.


The journey thus far has been enlightening and packed with invaluable lessons that can benefit not just young entrepreneurs but also established businesses within the insurance industry and beyond. 

I am deeply grateful to every individual—be it a customer, team member, or partner—who has contributed to our learning curve and made this journey worthwhile. Your challenges have been our milestones; your feedback, our navigation. 

The essence of entrepreneurship lies in the courage to dream and the will to achieve. Whether you’re taking the first steps in your entrepreneurial journey or are far along the path, always remember that success is a mosaic, crafted with perseverance, vision, and, most importantly, an unwavering focus on creating value.

Thank you for being a pivotal part of this incredible journey. The future is not just promising; it’s ours to shape. And I have never been more excited to forge ahead.

About Author

Avinash Babur

About Author

Founder and CEO of™ – the UAE’s leading InsurTech platform, Growth Mindset Entrepreneur, Ace Digital Marketer, Thought Leader, YouTube Talk Show Host of Time Out With Avinash and Associate of the Chartered Insurance Institute in the UK (ACII).