We all know that Covid-19 was the biggest virus to hit the globe in recent times. But have you considered other types of global virus that we also need to protect ourselves against?

During the pandemic, the rise of Cybercrime globally was just as concerning. With more people “doing things digitally” in their “lockdown lives”, the irony was that while we were all busy staying home to reduce our exposure to a medical virus, we were actually increasing our exposure to contracting another hidden one.

Put simply, Cyber viruses are just like conventional ones. They are invisible infections from which none of us are immune: however, if we know the symptoms, we can treat them effectively. Educating yourself on how cyberattacks can occur and their implications, can mean you’re more alert and vigilant, which in itself is a protection. As a second line defence, we’d also recommend advise buying a comprehensive Cyber Insurance. This can provide cover for losses arising from phishing, ransomware, malware and more.

One important thing to recognise is that just as technology evolves so do the criminals who are becoming increasingly stealth, and sophisticated in their attack methods. The benefit of a good Cyber insurance policy is that it not only offers financial compensation if you’re an attack victim, but also provides the services of cyber security experts. Their support in managing the situation and mitigating your future exposure is invaluable.

So, does size matter when it comes to cybercrime? Are large businesses affected? Many people wrongly assume that only large organisations are targeted, and whilst undoubtedly, they are the most prominent victims, it’s actually far more common for small to medium enterprises and individuals to be victims. For small business owners operating to tight margins, Cyber Insurance may be perceived as an expensive or luxury purchase but it’s actually a lot more affordable than you think and represents value for money, especially taking into account what it protects you against.

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