After years of planning, the world watched as Dubai launched EXPO2020 on 30 September in a glittering opening ceremony. It was an impressive spectacle. The planning, preparation, and expense to make this all happen so perfectly was evident in the execution of this grand extravaganza.

So how do you ensure, and perhaps insure, that an event like that goes off without a hitch? We asked the experts at for their thoughts and the insights were fascinating.

Rachel Al Mughairi, Chief Engagement Officer at, says: “Events are exciting but by their very nature are not without risk, since they involve people. First, you have those setting up the event. Under UAE Federal Law, they have to be covered under workmen compensation insurance to protect them against any injury or severe accidents. Second, the visitors. The organisers have a duty of care for their safety and, to a certain extent, their personal property, so public liability insurance is also needed.

“Lastly the event itself. There’s a lot of money at stake in terms of set-up costs: as well as potential revenue from tickets and associated sales, such as souvenirs, food and beverage, etc.”

“Events have always been big business and a number of UAE insurers offer dedicated event insurance policies that provide a wide range of cover: from Property Insurance for loss or damage to equipment and goods used during the event; to Cancellation Insurance that reimburses costs and lost revenue if the event is cancelled/postponed due to unforeseen circumstances. Some insurers package covers together so you can buy under one convenient umbrella,” explains Rachel.

Furthermore, the coverage is not restrained to large or commercial events alone. According to CEO Avinash Babur: “What many people may not realise is that events, whether large or small, public or private, can be covered under Events Insurance. So, whether a school sports/cultural day, corporate event or even a wedding party, there’s a policy out there to protect your big day.”

With so much to plan, protection should always be part of that, and remains committed to guiding individuals and organisations in doing just that.