Empowering People of Determination:

The UAE’s dedication to inclusivity and support for those with disabilities is evident through its use of the term “people of determination.” This empowering phrase highlights their resilience and strength and emphasises the nation’s commitment to equal opportunities. However, these individuals still face numerous obstacles, including accessibility, social stigma, and specialised healthcare needs. To tackle these challenges, the UAE government has launched multiple initiatives, policies, and programs to improve the quality of life for people of determination and ensure their full integration into society.

One such initiative is the UAE’s robust healthcare system, which plays a pivotal role in catering to the needs of people of determination. Hospitals and clinics nationwide have tried to accommodate individuals with disabilities by providing accessible facilities, trained staff, and specialised care. Furthermore, the government has mandated health insurance coverage for all residents, including people of determination, ensuring access to essential medical care and support.

This article will explore the meaning behind the term “people of determination,” the importance of health insurance for individuals with disabilities, and the key factors to consider when choosing the right insurance plan. Additionally, we will delve into the challenges faced by people of determination, the government’s efforts to support them, and the role hospitals and clinics play in promoting their well-being.

1. Understanding “People of Determination.” 

Positive terminology:

  • Empowerment: The term “People of Determination” empowers individuals with disabilities by acknowledging their perseverance and courage in overcoming challenges.
  • Respect: Using this positive terminology helps eliminate any negative connotations associated with disabilities, fostering a more respectful and inclusive environment.

Holistic approach:

  • Healthcare: The UAE government ensures that people of determination can access quality healthcare services, including specialised care and support.
  • Education: Initiatives to promote inclusive education, providing tailored learning opportunities and support for students with disabilities are present at every given opportunity
  • Employment: The government encourages the engagement of people of determination through supportive legislation, ensuring equal opportunities in the workforce.
  • Accessibility: Public spaces, transportation systems, and facilities are more accessible and accommodating for individuals with disabilities.
  • Awareness and advocacy: The UAE actively promotes awareness and understanding of disabilities through various campaigns and events, advocating for the rights and inclusion of people of determination.

By focusing on these critical areas, the UAE is dedicated to creating an inclusive society where people of determination can reach their full potential and actively participate in all aspects of life.

2. Defining Disabilities

Types of disabilities:

  • Physical disabilities: As suggested, these impairments are related to the physical mobility of the individual. This relates to an individual’s mobility, agility, or stamina, that’s greatly affected and can include conditions like cerebral palsy, spinal cord injuries, or muscular dystrophy. Other physical disabilities classified may include Proprioception: The sense of body position and movement, which helps maintain balance and coordination; Vestibular sense: The sense of balance and spatial orientation, which is crucial for maintaining equilibrium and preventing falls; Interception: The sense of internal bodily sensations, such as hunger, thirst, and the need to use the restroom.
  • Sensory disabilities: These refer to the five senses we possess as humans- sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. Any impairments to our senses can involve challenges with vision (sight), hearing (auditory), taste, smell or touch or processing any such sensory information, such as blindness, deafness, or sensory processing disorders (SPDs) like hypersensitivity to sound are determined to be sensory disabilities.
  • Cognitive disabilities: These disabilities are related to the mind and represent issues that affect learning, memory, problem-solving, or communication and can involve intellectual disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, or traumatic brain injuries. Anyone with a cognitive disability finds learning or remembering things more challenging. For example, a child with a cognitive disability might have trouble solving a simple math problem, recognizing the alphabet, or understanding what someone is saying to them.
  • Psychological disabilities: Mental health conditions like depression, anxiety, or schizophrenia can also be considered disabilities if they significantly impact an individual’s daily functioning.

Varying degrees:

  • Mild disabilities: Individuals with mild disabilities may require minimal support or accommodations to participate in daily activities or societal roles.
  • Moderate disabilities: Those with moderate disabilities may need more support or adaptations to engage in various aspects of life fully.
  • Severe disabilities: Severe disabilities often require extensive assistance, specialised care, or adaptive equipment to help individuals maintain their independence and quality of life.

Recognising the diversity and varying degrees of disabilities helps ensure that appropriate support and accommodations are provided to meet each individual’s unique needs, promoting greater inclusion and equal opportunities for all.

3. Health Insurance and People of Determination

Legal framework:

  • Inclusive policies: The UAE government’s commitment to inclusivity ensures that people of determination have access to health insurance, safeguarding their right to medical care.
  • Insurance regulations: Health insurance providers must comply with all government regulations to protect the rights and interests of people with disabilities by ensuring everyone is provided with options for insurance plans to purchase.

Comprehensive coverage:

  • Range of services: Health insurance policies for people of determination should cover various medical services, including specialist consultations, therapy sessions, assistive devices, and other support services tailored to their needs.
  • Customised plans: Some insurers may offer customised plans designed for people of determination. These plans provide enhanced coverage for their unique healthcare requirements.

Pre-existing conditions:

  • Insurance limitations: Understanding the terms and conditions of an insurance policy, as some insurers may impose restrictions or exclusions for pre-existing conditions, is essential. By revising these terms, we can understand the scope of health coverage we have opted for.
  • Waiting periods: Some insurance providers may cover pre-existing conditions after a specified period, ensuring that people of determination receive the necessary coverage for their ongoing healthcare needs.
  • Higher premiums: Some insurance providers may charge higher premiums for covering pre-existing conditions, reflecting the increased risk or cost of coverage. It’s best to pay for this higher premium if the waiting periods for coverage to be in effect are shorter or if there is no waiting period. 

Shopping around for health insurance:

  • Research and comparison: When searching for a suitable health insurance plan, it’s essential to study and compare different providers to find a policy that meets the specific needs of people of determination. InsuranceMarket.ae provides you with a dedicated insurance advisor who will assist you in this regard and ensure that you get the policy that best fits your requirements.

Understanding the unique health insurance requirements of people of determination and being aware of the available options can help ensure they receive comprehensive and appropriate coverage for their healthcare needs.

4. Key Factors to Consider When Choosing Health Insurance for People of Determination

Coverage for specific needs:

  • InsuranceMarket.ae’s insurance advisors can prioritize insurance plans that include unique healthcare requirements for people of determination. These plans can consist of specialised treatments and support services. This ensures that the insurance plans you opt for are tailor-made for you.
  • Continuity of care: Ensure the plan provides coverage for long-term or ongoing medical needs, enabling access to consistent, high-quality care.

Network of healthcare providers:

  • Quality care: Opt for insurance plans with a wide range of experienced healthcare providers in their network, ensuring access to the best care and treatment options.
  • Accessibility: Make sure the insurance plan covers providers that are easily accessible, taking into account factors such as location, transportation, and availability of services.

Waiting periods:

  • Policy terms: Understand the specific waiting periods that apply to the insurance policy and how they may impact the person’s ability to access care when needed.
  • Alternative options: Consider seeking insurance plans with shorter waiting periods or explore opportunities that waive waiting periods for certain services or treatments.

Exclusions and limitations:

  • Informed decisions: Thoroughly review the policy’s fine print to avoid any surprises related to coverage limitations or exclusions, ensuring that the chosen plan meets the individual’s healthcare needs.
  • Negotiation: In some cases, it may be possible to negotiate the inclusion of specific treatments or services that are initially excluded or limited in the policy.

Premiums and deductibles:

  • Budget considerations: Weigh the costs of premiums and deductibles against the extent of coverage provided, finding the right balance between affordability and comprehensive protection.
  • Cost-sharing: Analyze the policy’s cost-sharing structure, including co-payments and out-of-pocket maximums, to understand the potential financial impact of medical expenses. This is critical to review and understand as it will help you plan your finances accordingly.

Additional benefits:

  • Holistic support: Seek insurance plans that offer supplementary benefits, such as access to wellness programs, mental health services, or preventive care, to promote overall well-being.
  • Convenience: Consider plans that provide telemedicine or virtual consultation options, enabling more accessible access to healthcare services and reducing the need for in-person visits.

By carefully evaluating these key factors and seeking expert advice, individuals can make informed decisions when choosing health insurance plans that best support the unique needs of people of determination.

By actively raising awareness and advocating for inclusive health insurance, we can work towards a society where people of determination have equal access to comprehensive healthcare coverage, empowering them to live healthier, more independent lives.

In conclusion, the UAE’s commitment to valuing and empowering people of determination reflects a solid dedication to building an inclusive society that provides equal opportunities for all. A robust health insurance policy ensures that individuals with disabilities or “People of Determination” can access medical care and support, enabling them to lead fulfilling and independent lives. As we continue to be aware and advocate for inclusive health insurance policies, we must continue working and engaging with policymakers and presenting viable insurance plans for everyone in the UAE.

By doing so, we contribute to the ongoing efforts of creating a more accessible and equitable society for people of determination, where their unique needs are acknowledged, respected, and accommodated.

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